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Radio London (aka Big L), was a station which broadcast from the ship mv Galaxy, anchored outside territorial waters in the North Sea, off the coast of Essex from 1964 to 1967 – long before any local radio stations, (let alone BBC versions) existed.

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A A-Z of Radio London jocks, A-Z of Big L Fab 40 bands, About the Radio London website, Abbey Road, A Day in the Life, Mike Ahern tributes, Mike Ahern, Mike Ahern pics taken during Pirate BBC Essex, Tony Allan, Vince 'Rusty' Allen, Tony Allan tributes, Barry Alldis, Rey Anton and Pro Forma (in Dateline Diamonds), tribute page to the late John Aston, August 14th 1967 – Radio London closedown, August 14th memories - 50 years on, Alfie the mynah bird, Vince Allen, American Radio, Anglos, Captain Willem Angenent, Rod Argent, Artistics, Artwoods, John Aston, Hans Åström, Brian Auger, Autumn Tour 1966

B Chris Baird, David Ballantyne, Biggin Hill Air Show 1966, British Song Festival, 1965, Brighton Song Festival, Bud Ballou - 1968 memories, Bud Ballou Big L RSL appearances, (A) Band of Angels, Mike Barron, Batshirts, The Bats, Jenni Baynton Tribute Page, Jenni Baynton anniversary tributes, George Bean, Bean and Loopy's Lot, Beatles - lyrics, Beatles - memorabilia, Beatles Sgt Pepper Exclusive, Beatstalkers, Bee Gees, Ship's Bell, Ship's Bell presentation to Museum of Pacific War, John Bennett's model Fredericia, John Bennett's model Ross Revenge, Barry Benson, Bill Berry, Colin Berry, 'Bingle', Big L Fab 40, Big L Fab 40 features, Big L Family 40 – Christmas 1966, Big L Film and Disc, Big L Index, The 'Big Lil' theme – aka The Sonowaltz, Big L '97, Big L 2000, Big L 2001, Big L Sixties Scrapbook, Philip Birch Agency, Birds Birds, Alan Black, Tony Blackburn/Kenny Everett Climber review, Guy Blackmore, Chuck Blair, Roger Bloom's Hammer, Colin Blunstone, Peter Boalch – tribute to the designer of the Big L Christmas cards, The Boat That Rocked – Mary Payne's review, Bonfire Party, Boss Radio in the Potteries, Bo Street Runners, Boss Jock Kindergarden – Tommy Vance's pre-pirate US career, David Bowie Tribute, David Bowie, Aylesbury David Bowie statue, Alan Bown Set, Boz, 'Bring Back the Byrds' Campaign (Dave Cash), Sietse Brouwer, Wijnand Brak's Galaxy memorabilia, Pete Brady, Tony Brandon, Brighton Sixties Festival 1999, Brighton Sixties Festival 2000, Britain Radio Reunion, Errol Bruce, Bill Buninga's personal memorabilia and photos , Ron Buninga, Gerry Burke, Bystanders

C Cannon Brothers, Captain Willem Angenent, Captain Buninga's personal memorabilia and photos, car badge, Cardboard Shoes (Big L 2001), Caroline Charts, Jempi Laevaert's Caroline Countdowns, Caroline Countdown compared to Fab Forty, Caroline 40th birthday party – 28th March 2004, Caroline 45th birthday party – 28th March 2009, Caroline North advert log, Caroline North exhibition, Caroline North Ship Fredericia (model of), Caroline North website (the late Jim Murphy's), Caroline pages index, Caroline Scrapbook, Carry On Screaming, Casa Blanca (Estartit), Dave Cash, Dave Cash (60th birthday), Dave Cash memorial pages, Howie Castle, C-FUNtastic Fifty, Chances Are, Chantelles, Chantelles (in Dateline Diamonds), Chanters, Chanter Sisters, Charlie and Harrigan, Manny Charlton, Chart Comparison - Big L Fab 40 compared to Caroline Countdown, Charts – Big L Fab Forties 1965-67, Cherokees, Chesterfield Gardens, Christmas Annual 2000, Christmas Annual 2001, Christmas Annual 2002, Radio London Christmas Cards, Everett/Blackburn Climber Review, Radio London Closedown, August 14th 1967, Comet (Radio Scotland ship), Craise Finton Kirk, Tony Currie, Curzon Street (17) (contemporary photo), Curzon Street (17) (Sixties. Mark Roman on the stairs), Tom Collins (UK) aka the late Terry Nicholas, John Cookson, Gordy Cruse, Cuddly Ken, Cyrkle, Current Happenings

D Daddy Lindberg, Robbie Dale, Robbie Dale's personal Caroline photo album, Ian Damon, Kenny Damon, Tom Danaher interview, Johnny Dark, Roger Day's rant, Roger Day's Caroline birthday party (40 years), Dateline Diamonds – special 2-page supplement, Larry Dean, Blossom Dearie, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, Kiki Dee, Kiki Dee (in Dateline Diamonds), Simon Dee tribute, Dave Dennis tribute page, Dave Dennis's Christmas hit , Neil Diamond, USS Density, Density Reunion 2001, Density Reunion 2003, Density Reunion 2007, Density Ship's bell, Des and Dave, Discatron feature, Discatron instruction book, Carl and Michelle Dixon – Wedding of the Year 2000, DJs' homes in Liverpool, DLT, Double Feature, Julie Driscoll, Dutch Radio Day 2005 , Dutch Radio Day 2007, Dutch Radio Day 2014

E Jimmy Echo, Tom Edwards pics from Pirate BBC Essex, EKCO Statue & Radios, Chris Elliot tributes , Elvis in 'Frankie and Johnnie', EMI Revisited, Ray Ennis, Episode Six 50th Reunion 2015, The Escorts, Estartit (Holidays With DJs), Ken Evans, Kenny Everett, Kenny Everett Tributes, Kenny Everett (in Dateline Diamonds), Exact anchorage of the Galaxy, The Eyes of Blue,

F Fab at Forty merchandise, Fab Forties 1965-67, Fab Forty compared to Caroline Countdown, Fairford Air Tattoo, 2002, Falling Leaves, Fam Forty, December '66, Georgie Fame Tour Autumn 66, Chris Farlowe, FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the Radio London Site, Field's Fab Forties (commencing May 1st 1966), Final Big L Fab Forty, First North American Offshore Reunion, July 2004, First track played on Radio London, Wayne Fontana, Final Hour, Fingers, First Gear, First North American Offshore Reunion (FNAOR) 2004, The Fool, Fortunes, Fossilised Fabs – chart placings prior to Jan 24th 1965, Four-Evers, Dallas Frazier, Fredericia,(model of the Caroline North Ship), Paul Freeman (Radio Essex), French documentary featuring offshore footage, Friars Aylesbury 40th Anniversary, Frinton Flashing, Funk Brothers Concert, London, Jan 04

G Index to features about the ship USS Density, later ss Manoula, finally mv Galaxy, mv Galaxy, MV Galaxy model, Galaxy Captain, Bill Buninga, Galaxy Captain, Bill Buninga's personal memorabilia, Galaxy's final years in Germany, Galaxy in Hamburg – Paul May's Collection, Galaxy's position off Essex coast, Galaxy rubber stamp, Galton and Simpson, 'Ghoulies and ghosties' - postcards sent to Mark Roman, Gidian, the Golliwogs, Paul Graham, Graham (Graeme) Gill, Guess Who

H Graham L Hall, Drew Hamlyn, Keith Hampshire, Hancock's Half-Century, Alan Hardy tribute pages, George Harrison tribute 2001, George Harrison tribute concert 2002, Victor Hartman, William Hartnell, Alex Harvey, Tom Hatala, Brands Hatch racing, tribute page to the late John Hatt aka Aston, Mike Hayes, Ben Healy, Bill Hearne, Stuart Henry, Herbie's People, Highlights of Big L - the Radio London Film and Disc, History of Radio London – from a teenage point-of-view, short History of Radio London and Offshore Radio, Bruce Holland, Holidays With DJs, Hollies, Mary Hopkin, Mel Howard, Hummelflugs, Engelbert Humperdinck's Euro-hit, Mike Hurst

I Identity Bracelet, Impressions – concert review by Alan Hardy, International Radio Festival 2011 – sceen-grab gallery, International Talk Like A Pirate Day – P.A.R.R.O.T. supplement, Isle of Man Caroline North exhibition

J Dennis Jason, Phil Jay, The Jewels, Jingles – links to various jingles sites, Jingles – why there are none on this site, Jocks – Lost and Found, John's Children, Tribute Pages to Duncan Johnson, Duncan Johnson, Tuesday Man, Duncan pics from Pirate BBC Essex, Duncan's 70th birthday party, Graham Johns (aka Tim Yail), Mark Johns, Jon and Robin, Paul Jones, Jukebox Magazine

K Karlins, Paul Kaye, Keefers, Kenny & Cash - not the first, The Kenny and Cash scarf, Bill Kenwright and the Runaways, Richard Kerr, Jonathan King, Lorne King, Lorne King 2004, Lorne King Tribute, King George, Kathy Kirby, KLIF Dallas, The Knack, The Knees Club - a potted history, The Knees Club Deep Purple Connection, Knees Speech 25/12/97 (audio), Billy J Kramer

L Lady Godiva, Jempi Laevaert's Caroline Countdowns, Lois Lane, Mary (Perpetual) Langley, Bob Larkins, Laser 558, Jackie Lee, Left Banke, Jerry 'Supa' Leighton, Mike Lennox Tribute, Mia Lewis, Links to other sites, Living Daylights, Location of ships and forts in the Thames Estuary, London My Hometown, Brian Long, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Mick Luvzit, Luxembourg, Luxemburg,

M Jimmy Mac tributes, Pete MacFarlane, The Majority, Jimmy McGriff, Ian MacRae, Jack McLaughlin, Manfred Mann, Map of ships and forts in the Thames Estuary, Mark Four, Marquee Club, Marquee Memories, Mascots, Brian Matthew, Mebo III, Tony Meehan, Bill Meeks, Melody Maker Beat Contest, Radio Mi Amigo 2014, Radio Mi Amigo 2015 - photoreport, feedback, Mid-Atlantic Films, Carl Mitchell, Michel Philistin (aka Mitch) the Steward, Mid-Atlantic Films, Keith Milborrow, Roving Kneeporter – a tribute, Sarah Miles, Millennium Exhibition, Aylesbury, Million Pound Drum Contest, Mindbenders, (Radio London) Mini-memories, Mirage, Mockingbirds, Model MV Galaxy, Index of Model offshore radio ships, Billy Moeller, Henry Morgan, Dick Morecraft, Jim Murphy's Caroline North website, Jim Murphy pole-squats, (The) Mustang, Jon Myer (London) My Hometown

N Napolean XIV, New Formula, Newspaper Clippings - Summer 1967, Newspaper Clippings - Beyond Summer 1967, Newspaper Clippings - John Peel, Martin Newton, New releases July 67, New York Public Library, Colin Nicol, Nordenay

O Obituary archive, Ocean Defender, Lucy Ann O'Donell, Offshore 50, August 14th 2017, Offshore Pizza Delivery, Oldies Project, Ron O'Quinn, Ronan O'Rahilly tribute, Ray Orchard, Original Big L teeshirts - from 1965, 66 and 67, Oscar, John Otway

P Paramounts, P.A.R.R.O.T. supplement, Pathfinders, John Peel clippings (Radio One & other stations), John Peel joins Radio London, Peel on Luxembourg, Lance Percival, Peter, Paul and Mary, John Peters, Mac Peters, Gregory Phillips, Ray Phillips, Michel Philistin (aka 'Mich the Steward'), Pirate BBC Essex 2004 – report and photo gallery, Pirate BBC Essex 2007, Pirates of the Irish Sea exhibition, Pirate Radio (aka 'The Boat That Rocked'- the Richard Curtis film) – Mary Payne's review. Gene Pitney, Platform Soul, The Poor Souls, Position of Thames Estuary ships and forts, Alan Price, P J Proby, Procol Harum, Proposed Offshore Stations 1966, Pussyfoot, 'Pussycat' jingle

Q Caleb Quaye, Mike Quinn, Louise Quirk

R Radio Academy Celebration of Offshore Radio, Aug 4th 2007, Radio City, Radio Day 2014,
Radio England Reunion, Radio London archive, – personal photos and memorabilia from ex-DJs and listeners, Radio London Brides, Radio London's exact position, Radio London Index, Radio London Merchandise Store, Radio London RSL Scrapbook, Radio London T-Shirts, Radio London 50th Anniversary T-shirts, Radio London 50th Anniversary party, Radio Luxembourg, Radio Luxemburg, Radio One clippings (John Peel), Radio Scotland, Radio Scotland mini-reunion 2005, Radio Scotland office, Rainbow Ffolly, Reactions - archived visitor feedback about this site, Recollection Exhibition, Aylesbury, Renamel car badge, Reunion Index, Reunion 2002, Mark Richardson (in Dateline Diamonds), Earl Richmond, Tommy Rivers, RNI '99, RNI 2000, RNI Scrapbook, Rockin' Berries, Jim Rodford, Steve Rodford, Dave Rogers, Rokes, Mark Roman, (1966), (1997), Mark Roman's personal memorabilia, Mark Roman's personal tribute to his mentor, Ben Toney, Ron Rose, Rosko, John Ross-Barnard's final Big L newscast 1998 (audio), Ross Revenge, John Bennett's model Ross Revenge, Mike Stewart's model Ross Revenge, Stewart Crossley's model Ross Revenge, Round Midnight– Caroline North closedown music, Normie Rowe, Royalty House, Dean Street, Royalty House, Dean Street 2005, RSL (Restricted Service Licence) – brief explanation

S Radio London Beatles Sgt Pepper exclusive, Norman St John, Crispian St Peters, Mike Sammes Singers, Nick Santon's model Galaxy, George Saunders, Roger Scott, (Capital Radio), Sea Poodle, (aka the late Terry Nicholas), Charlie Seawolf, John Sedd, Seeds, The Settlers, Gordon Sheppard, engineer Roy Sheeran worked aboard the Galaxy, The Radio London Ship – m v Galaxy – history and photos, (Galaxy) Ship's bell, Steve Silby, The Shiralee, Radio London Shop, Shotgun Express, Sixties Music Festival 1999, Sixties Music Festival 2000. Keith Skues - '97, Skues 2000, Keith Skues – at Caroline Reunion 2004, Keith Skues – on Pirate BBC Essex, Mark Sloane, Small Faces (in Dateline Diamonds), 'Smile' review, Jimmy Smith, (taking Hammond aboard the Mi Amigo), Whistling Jack Smith, Jerry Smithwick, Soft Machine, The Sonowaltz, aka 'Big Lil', Sons of Fred, 'Caroline Sound of the Nation' jingles, 'Sound of the Nation' live show, Sorrows, South Coast Beat Scene, Spectrum, Spellbinders, Neil Spence, Bob Spencer, Bob Stewart, Mike Stewart's model Ross Revenge, tribute pages to Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart, Paul Stewart Movement, The Stonewashed Collection of Caroline Charts, Radio London Store, The Style, Swinging Blue Jeans, Swop Shop, Stax/Volt Tour March 1967, Stoke Mandeville, Alan Stroud's offshore clippings collection, Studio Six, Summer Sixties 2000, Sundance, Jon Sydney, Terry Sylvester, Syndicats

T Howard Tate, Shaw Taylor, Tee-shirts & Sweatshirts, Thames Estuary Offshore Radio map, Ben Toney Tribute Pages, 'The Amazing Radio London Story' – Ben Toney's Memoirs, 'Their Final Hour' - complete run-down, Tony Thorpe with Jimmy Smith on Caroline, Allan Trainer's Technical info on Big L '97, This Is Your Life - DLT, Russell Tollerfield, Traffic, Dave Lee Travis, Larry Tremaine, Jackie Trent, Troggs, Tribute pages: Tom Danaher, Tribute page: Tanya Baugus, Tributes to Kenny Everett, Twice As Much, Twilights

U Unit 4 + 2, The Untamed, USS Density, USS Density Reunion 2001, USS Density Reunion 2003, USS Density Reunion 2007, USS USS Density Ship's bell

V Tommy Vance's pre-pirate US career, Tommy Vance interview, Tommy Vance tribute page, Vancouver Reunion 2004, Bryan Vaughan, Raoul Verolleman, Veronica, Bobby Vinton

W Walker Brothers, Walton and Frinton Lifeboats – the Pirates' Lifeline, John L Watson & the Hummelflugs,Ways and Means, Graham Webb tribute, Mark West (aka Mark Wesley), pics taken during Pirate BBC Essex, Willy Walker, Walton Pier, Geno Washington, Keith West, Who Found Whom – jocks, lost and found, The Who Sell Out – 'Pussycat' jingle, Cari Wilkins Tribute page, WMCA 'Good Guys' Fabulous 57, Brian Wilson (three Royal Festival Hall gig reviews), Dave Williams, Garry Williams, Wimbledon Palais, Dave Windsor, Tony Windsor, Wishful Thinking, Charlie Wolf, Jason Wolfe, WOLF 1490 , Art Wood, Ron Wood, WPTR, WSNO, Rick Phillips on WSJR

X XERB, Xmas

Y Yardbirds, Rob Yarnold, Tim Yale (Yail), Yeoman Rose, John York, Young Idea, Tribute pages to Peter Young, Steve Young, Johnny Young (aka Johnnie Young)

Z Zombies in the Fab Forty,
photo review of the Zombies 2008 'Odessey' reunion, other Zombie-related reviews

Numbers: 10th Birthday greetings, 15th Birthday celebration 2014, 28th March 2014, celebration of 50th Anniversary of start of UK offshore radio, Big L's 50th Birthday Party December 2014, 50th Anniversary Radio London merchandise, 208, 242 mini-reunion 2005, 242 Radio Scotland, 242 Showbeat Monthly, 6 Chesterfield Gardens, 14th August 1967, 17 Curzon Street (with Mark Roman on the stairs), 17 Curzon Street (contemporary photo), 2002 Offshore Reunion, 2001 USS Density Reunion, 2003 USS Density Reunion, 2007 USS Density Reunion, 40th Birthday party, Radio Caroline, 40th Anniversary Radio London Reunion, 26th February 2005, 45th Birthday Party, Radio Caroline