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Fab people look even better in Big L teeshirts!

Duncan Johnson
Pete Brady
The late Ed Stewart
(photo: Hans Knot)
Trevor Dann
Tony Blackburn and Norm St John with Mary Payne wearing a Radio London special

Radio England's Rick Randall, looking cool in the Florida sunshine

Caroline's Curly-headed Kid,
Steve Young

Guy Hamilton, Radio Essex,
Radio 270

The guys from the other stations wanted to look fab too! (See Guy in his original Big L teeshirt at the bottom of the page)

This good-looking young man is Jorin, son of Wijnand Brak, from Woerden, Netherlands, who very generously gave us a fabulous box of memorabilia that he rescued from aboard the Galaxy. You can check the family resemblance here.

Eddy Van der Veken was the lucky winner of a Fab at Forty tee in our Absolutely Fabulous Christmas competition, as heard on Oldies Project. Eddy says his prize has made his best friend a bit jealous!

Duncan Johnson bought his friend Mei Feng (known as Happy) a Radio London teeshirt. Here she is proudly wearing it on the beach somewhere on the island of Hainan, off the coast of Vietnam.
Hans Knot, famous for his International Newsletters and offshore radio books
Martin van der Ven, who runs the Offshore Radio Guide and for many years co-organised the Dutch Radio Day
The late Rob Olthof was co-organiser of the annual Dutch Radio Day, with Martin and Hans.
Fab Alan Field and Chris Payne - wearing a one-off special tee in turquoise
Colin Wilkins from Leeds – one of the first customers to buy a Fab at 40 shirt

Want to join our gallery of good-lookers?

Send us a photo of you wearing your embroidered Radio London tee or sweatshirt., or 2017 Offshore 50 shirt. If you can include a picture of yourself in one of the original Big L tees from 1965, 66 or 67, as shown below, even better! It would be lovely to have a Sixties photo together with a current photo. If you have your original Big L shirt and no contemporary photo, you could still take one either wearing it, or just holding it if it's shrunk since the Magic Decade!

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