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of the early days of Caroline North and South.
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Radio Caroline 45th Birthday Reunion,
March 28th, 2009 - Picture Gallery
Radio Caroline 40th Birthday Reunion,
March 28th, 2004 - Picture Gallery

Radio Caroline Memories

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Jempi Laevaert's Caroline charts
Our photo-montage tribute to Caroline Founder Ronan O'Rahilly, who died in April 2020
Photo report from Manx exhibition 'Pirates of the Irish Sea'
George Hare's photos of the ships in Greenore and his Cavern Club memorabilia
John S Platt shares the photos of the construction of his beautiful model of the Mi Amigo
We have rescued the late Jim Murphy's Caroline North website and anchored it safely to ours.
John Bennett shared the photos of his beautiful model of the Fredericia

Our Caroline 60s Scrapbook
includes 'Hip Ship Blues' – Jimmy Smith plays his Hammond on the deck (for full index, click icon, left)

3rd March 1968
Bud Ballou relates what happened aboard the Mi Amigo; Martin Kayne tells what it was like to be ashore and watch it on the news

Keefers' Konfessions occupies TWO pages!
Bob Stewart recalls the sounds of Caroline North
A message to Bob Stewart from Simon Tattersall
R-O-S-K-O on R-A-D-I-O – the Emperor speaks, on Radio London!
Mary and Chris met Bud Ballou in San Diego in 1999
The sad passing of Dick Morecraft, from the original Caroline House staff, Nov 1999

Radio Caroline in more recent times

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Mike Stewart shares photos of his model of the Ross Revenge
John Bennett explains how he painstakingly built his model of the Ross Revenge
Chris Payne comments on the closure of Caroline's Astra analogue service in March 2001

Dirty weekends on the Ross Revenge 1999, Pauline Miller – shifting the merchandise

Dirty weekends on the Ross Revenge 1999, Dave Miller – keeping things flowing

Dirty weekends on the Ross Revenge 1999, an account by the late Jenni Baynton
The Ross Revenge runs aground on Christmas Eve 1999

"I've always believed that the best treat for people who enjoyed the old days of Caroline is not to replay old clips again and again, or talk endlessly about the ship, but to do what the people in those old programmes were actually doing – play great music, some well known, some less so, and present it in a warm and friendly style. Next time, we've got to actually 'do' radio instead of just talking about when we used to do it..."
Steve Conway – February 1999
(Following the demise of EKR {on the Astra satellite}, which used to transmit Caroline overnight)

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