Raoul scanned some covers of the station's popular magazine, 242 Showbeat Monthly

Holy haggis, Batman, it's July 1966! Just who were Alex Harvey's 'showbiz sharks'?
August '66:
Chain-link belts and stocking tops – were YOU one of the 'frantic fans'?
Sept '66:
Was Georgie Fame the man playing leapfrog with Françoise Hardy and who won that Big 242 Contest?

Nov '66
Ian Clews was The Pathfinders' lead singer. 'Clewsy' caused such a sensation that the printer ran out of red ink.

We hear Clewsy is now lives in the States and is a cowboy. Yee-hah!

December '66
Full colour Christmas special featuring Studio Six. Rhythm guitarist, Clive McClure, says: 'My brother Colin is at the front and I am at the extreme right of the picture looking a bit like Manfred Mann!' (See read full Studio Six feature by Clive, here) The band was also in the Big L Fab 40, 18/12/66)
Jan 1967
Things were back in the red again with a cover-star spot for the Karlins' knees. Over the festive season, the
Karlins were in the Big L Family 40

Plenty of memory-joggers here - with names and faces both familiar and forgotten.
We've heard from Studio Six and we'd love to hear from some more of these cover-stars and anyone else who has copies of '242 Showbeat Monthly'.