An Unusual Radio London Artefact is Found!

Ron Buninga, the son of Captain Bill Buninga (who commanded the Radio London ship, mv Galaxy), whom we met at the USS Density Reunion in 2003, told us he had a surprise gift for us, connected to the ship. Having given the crewmates the ship's bell, what else could Ron possibly have hidden away in his flat? (See Density Reunion 2003)

Imagine our surprise when the postman delivered the original rubber stamp used on the mv Galaxy!

Ron says:

Strange how you can look for one item and don't see the ones you have been reaching over so many times without noticing them!

I knew I had the "mv Galaxy" stamp somewhere, and a bit of thinking and closing my eyes, it had to be in the drawer of my desk!

Mary and Chris are very grateful you found it, Ron. Although the rubber letters, which have remained unused for so long, haven't yet fully 'recovered', despite the lubrication of ink, we hope it may come back to life. In any case, we will use it to stamp letters to friends, as it is really something very special.

Thank you Ron, for a "Wonderful" present!
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