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These pages are devoted to special memories of Big L in the Sixties.
If you have a particular memory of something that happened while listening to Radio London, won a station competition, or have unearthed some rare memorabilia, please click on the mail button to the right and let us know!

Canadian Lorne King joined Radio London in February 1967, staying with the station till the end of May, when he returned to Canada. Mary Payne felt honoured when Lorne very generously presented his Big L identity bracelet to her during the First North American Offshore Reunion in Vancouver, 2004.

The silver-plated bracelets, part of a large range of Radio London merchandise, were sold with 'Big L 266' engraved on the back (as shown) and the other side left blank for personalisation. Presumably Radlon management gave one to each DJ so that fans would see them at public appearances and want to purchase one. Unfortunately, Lorne had never had his bracelet personalised, but he clearly treasured it and wore it regularly.

John Bennett very kindly sent an mp3 of a 1967 promo for the bracelet, featuring Stewpot and his girlfriend Myrtle.


Pall Mall Music

Scans courtesy of Brian Long, from his book, The London Sound. (Click on the documents for a legible version.)

March 11 1965 was the date of the first assignment of a composition to Pall Mall Music, the publishing company in which Radio London's managing company, Radlon Sales, had a 50% shareholding. The deal was made with none other than Ritchie Blackmore.

Little Brown Jug, an arrangement of an old song, was the B-side of Getaway, released April 1st on Oriole CB-314. Should you be fortunate enough to own a mint copy of this single, the Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide values it at around £250!


Letter from the European Director of Billboard to Phillip Birch, regarding US Hot Hundred charts
Photo courtesy of Hans Knot


Geoff Pearson, who worked as a member of the Sales team in Curzon Street, kindly scanned the above photo taken in the Galaxy mess, where Pete Brady and Paul Kaye strum for Earl Richmond, Duncan Johnson, TW and Kenny Everett (in a decidedly untrendy cardi!). Dave Cash has opted to hide under the table.

We can date the photo as being from 1965, because Kenny, Cashman and Pete Brady are there together.

Geoff recalls Paul Kaye's final broadcast.

"Like many Big L staffers, I had left by then. The lure of the media and a safer career path, you know the thing. I sat in my car in a car-park near St Albans and listened and cried my eyes out! It brought back the vivid memories of Paul 's opening broadcast in 64. I was in Curzon Street then, with most of the other Radlon Staff, praying that nothing went wrong! Great days, great memories.

When I get a moment, I will get some more pictures together and send them to you for your website, with a few lines about life at Radlon during the period."

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