As with much live music these days, the difference in quality of so-called part-time musicians compared to full-time professionals with several albums under their belt, is getting very blurred. Many bands are made up of guys and gals with full-time jobs to bring in the bread, man.
So it was with 'Platform Soul' when we saw them live in Aylesbury on 3rd November 2001.

Having failed to get tickets to this sellout gig, the Civic Centre kindly gave us Ray's, (one of the saxophonists in the band), phone number in case he had any spares. Ray had some, and delivered the tickets while on his post round!

The spread of ages of people at music gigs never ceases to amaze me. I would guess that the youngest kids were about seven, and every age up to seniors (not us yet!) was represented. Granted the youngest appeared to be related to the band, but the age-group that everyone who controls (sic) radio stations assumes will be out trying to go deaf and only listens to the latest 'beats', were very highly represented. It was clear that everyone was just there for the real music, a few beers, and a good time.

If I hear a better version of 'Soul City Walking' other than the record, I'll be very surprised. It brought a lump to the throat thinking that this is what it sounded like with a live band in the 70s. Awesome! Also, how can a band casually just stand there and sound like Earth, Wind and Fire in the heart of urban Bucks with 'September' and 'Got To Get You Into My Life'? Well, they did!

There are several ingredients that make up a successful sound as distinctive as 70s soul and Philly. With a locked-on drummer, guitarist who knew all the 'wacka wacka' licks, bass player that got on down super-low, horn section that Philly-ed the bill admirably (sorry!) and 'back-stabbed' in all the right places, keyboards that maybe could have added some string sounds where they should have been, but were nevertheless authentic in every other way, and three vocalists that shouldn't be so good, so young, you can't go far wrong! Oh, by the way, they're all singers and instrumentalists of the blue-eyed variety!

Sadly, all attempts to find out anything on the web about the individuals with a great future, failed. Pity. Maybe Ray could drop in some details while he's passing?

Mary gets on up! Or is it down?
Kicking it for Soul!
Is it art or is it blurred?
"See you next time for some Big City Soul in... Aylesbury."