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Radio London, aka Big L, the Sixties offshore station, 1964 – 1967
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(regularly) Index to Lil's Sixties Scrapbook, containing pages of memorabilia, personal photos and recollections from fans and Big L jocks

(regularly) The full set of Big L Fab Forties, 1965-67, with frequent additions and information updates
A tribute to Lorne King, who died who died in 2023
A two-page tribute to Radlon MD Philip Birch who died in 2021
A 1980 feature from Irving, Texas, about how Don Pierson turned Big D into Big L
Tributes to Alan Keen, who died in April 2019
Three-page tribute to Duncan Johnson, who died in October 2018
Three-page tribute to Big L's first Programme Director, Ben Toney, who died in May 2018
The Perfumed Garden Lists
Pages of 'Mini Memories' – Big L memorabilia and personal recollections!
50 years on – listeners recall the sad day when Radio London closed down
Radio London tribute to Russ Tollerfield, who died in April 2017
Radio London 50th Anniversary Reunion, December 23rd 2014
Three-page tribute to Dave Cash, who died in October 2016
Two-page tribute to Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart, who died in January 2016
Two pages of Roy Sheeran's memoirs from when he worked for six months aboard the Galaxy
Pages of 'Mini Memories' – Big L memorabilia and personal recollections!
Tribute pages to Radio London Founder Tom Danaher, who died September 2014
Original Programme Director Ben Toney shares his personal memories
Pages of photos from the belated Reunion to celebrate Radio London's 40th Anniversary
Tributes to Tommy Vance, who died on March 6th, 2005
A tribute to artist Peter Boalch, who designed the Big L Christmas cards
Tribute pages to the great Kenny Everett
Tribute to Earl Richmond
The Knees Club – what was it all about? Our potted (more accurately, POTTY) patellae history reveals all!
In 1966, John Statham met a Roman Emperor astride a donkey!
Six pages telling the incredible story of Radio London's Chuck Blair
Former Radio London jocks celebrate milestone birthdays
The Radio London Ship (USS Density/mv Galaxy)
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The amazing story of how the 2003 USS Density Reunion in Branson, Missouri produced the final link between the USS Density and the mv Galaxy!

The Galaxy in Hamburg – from Paul May's collection
USS Density ship's bell in the National Museum of the Pacific War
Nick Santon's award-winning model of the mv Galaxy
Paul Ciesielski's model of the mv Galaxy, based on a USS minesweeper kit
Ray Binning's model of the mv Galaxy, based on a USS minesweeper kit
USS Density Reunion, San Antonio, Texas, September 2007. The ship's bell is presented to the National Museum of the Pacific War
Report and pics from the USS Density Reunion, Dallas, Texas, September 2001
How John Platt found out about the original USS Density Reunions
John Platt rebuilt the mv Galaxy miniature!
The original rubber stamp used aboard the mv Galaxy is donated to the Radio London archives!
A forgotten chapter of the Galaxy's history, when the redundant mine-sweeping equipment was consigned to the deep.
George Saunders, Radio Caroline's former Chief Engineer, tried to buy Radio London's equipment from the mv Galaxy in Hamburg, 1970
Page 1 has sad photos of when the Galaxy sank in Kiel harbour. Page 2 includes a German newspaper clipping, while Hans Knot adds a poignant PS about Big L's transmitter
Captain Bill Buninga's personal Big L memorabilia. Page 3 has previously unseen Galaxy photos.

Radio London Revived
Radio London RSL Memories 1997/1998/2000/2001
The table below holds links to our memories section relating to recent events in the life of Radio London
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The story and pics of the Big L 2001 RSL in Clacton
The story and pics of the Big L 2000 RSL in Clacton

View or Download Memories of Big L RSLs Summer 1997 Christmas 97/98

What's an RSL, Mary?
The Radio London memorial page to our dear friend, Jenni Baynton
The Radio London first anniversary tribute page to Jenni