Sea Poodle - Page 3

...and the weather
Big L had a rather special meteorologist, in the form of one Sid the Seagull! Yes, every morning good old Sid would flap off from the Yeoman Rose and circle the ship all day dropping weather reports on to the deck, or on to anyone who got in the way. (I got the feeling that a certain Chris Elliot did not like Sid very much.) Another way I tried of getting the weather report was to ask John the Mate. His weather predictions were as accurate as the BBC's, so I soon stopped listening to him! In the end we used weather reports from "traditional offshore sources", most of it being guesswork!!!

(Picture - Chris Elliot, Sea Poodle and John, the Mate)


Food and the Pizza
The food was interesting. I have never had last night's leftover beans with tinned tomatoes and a packet of crisps for breakfast before. Mostly we ate well, with our Engineer, Allan Trainer, doing amazing things with minced beef and pasta. However a change was needed! The old Pier Cafe and Pizza, just off the end of Walton pier foolishly advertise that they deliver within a three mile radius. WHAT A CHALLENGE. Cafe owner Alan Hanmore, having recovered from the shock, lived up to his advert and a massive pizza was duly delivered to the Yeoman Rose by local fisherman Tony "Winkle" Haggis. Chris Elliot could never understand my love of crisps and ketchup sandwiches with a dose of vinegar. He will learn one day that it's great food when it's all that's on offer. He has no taste in food at all!




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