The Final Week, ending with closedown at 8pm on 28th August

What a way to spend August! We'll never forget it.

Our thanks go out to everyone who supported the idea of bringing proper radio to the airwaves of Essex for an all-too-short month. Without listeners, advertisers and visitors to the pier, it would have been a lonely exercise.
However, as we've found in the past, you're anything but lonely on a Big LRSL!
Paul and Victor think that something is Mary's fault...
Phil Mitchell enjoying himself on Big L. Phil takes the credit for designing all the posters specially produced for the RSL.
From RFL to RSL. Steve James can't quite believe his luck at being on Big L. Pauline Miller looks on.

Bud Ballou takes a side trip to 6 Chesterfield Gardens, home of Radio Caroline in the 60s.

I know something you don't know...

Anoraks Supreme – Steve Burnham, Peter Herring and John Sales

Paul Graham enjoys an after-RSL meal of burger and chips. Notice the 'RL' logo on the burger, constructed from cheese!

When she's not cutting cheese into the letters 'R' and 'L', Pauline manages the Jolly Roger restaurant at the end of the pier. A big thanks to her and the staff, who looked after us famously!

We would have let Ray have the final word, but he fell asleep!
"Sunshine...North Sea...100kW transmitter...expensive advertising...big profits...tender problems...aerial falling diesel...running aground.
Mmmm, Clacton Pier..."

RSL – Ray's Sleep Learning...

"Perpetuators of Piratical Performances."
What else?

Pier, Posters, Portakabins, Parrots, Pigeons, Pints...

Pauline Miller kindly sent us an item from the East Anglian Daily Times, in which the Tourism Manager for Tendring District Council is quoted as saying that Clacton Pier had one of its busiest seasons for years. Well, we already knew that the Jolly Roger restaurant did a roaring trade, thanks to a certain person called Paul.....

Pictures © Chris & Mary Payne 2000

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