"You're a Pussycat, know where it's at..."

The Wedding of the Year for jingles fan Carl

On Friday, June 16th, at Syon Park House, Brentford the wedding took place of a wonderful couple, Michelle Melkman and Carl Dixon.

Chris first encountered Carl at Milton Keynes hospital radio and immediately recognised a man of tremendous musical taste. Carl is not only a massive radio and jingles aficionado, he also has a great love of the music of Motown and Northern Soul. In fact, so great is Carl's knowledge of Motown, that it was immediately recognised by label founder, Berry Gordy. Carl met him when working on Sky TV's Book Programme, where Berry was appearing to promote his biography 'To Be Loved'. When David Freeman asked him a question he couldn't answer, Berry immediately replied, "Ask Carl – he'll know!" Chris was instrumental in Carl getting the job at Sky Television, which led to him meeting his lovely wife Michelle.

On a pilgrimage to Detroit, Carl found the ultimate romantic moment for a fan of the Detroit Sound. In the Motown museum, he got down on one knee and proposed to Michelle, who was sufficiently impressed to accept! Although the couple are cat lovers, as far as we know, Carl didn't clinch the deal by singing the 'You're a pussycat, know where it's at' jingle to her.

Radio London wishes Michelle and Carl every happiness.

Here are some of our many pictures we took at the wedding, along with some destined not to make it to the official album! Yes, the cats are an ice sculpture. Incredible! Don't miss the competition at the end...

1 Michelle hands out food to the starving musicians...

2 "Do you know who played bass on Stevie Wonder's 'Isn't She Lovely'?"

3 It's a hard life being a bride...

4 Tim, put that bride down....

5 A couple of strange guests chilling out...

With our very best wishes for 'Smooth sailing and a highly successful life' – from Chris and Mary

Caption Competition!

We thought this picture of Renee and Jack, Carl's parents, needed a caption.
If you agree, please s
end us an email with yours!

From Michael Levine: Jack says: "This is the most realistic ice sculpture I've ever seen!"

From Keefers: "You don't mean they're going to sleep together now!!!"

From Alan and James at BSKYB: Jack turns to Renee and says: "I thought you said the bride's parents pay for it all!"

Other reactions to this page
From the Bride's parents:
Dear Mary and Chris,
Brilliant. Thanks a lot - I'll see M & C in Portugal on Thursday and tell them all about it. I have forwarded your website email to lots of people - so it should have lots of hits!
Love, Sue and Alan

From the Groom's parents:
Dear Mary & Chris,
Michelle's mother told us of your web page which we viewed and enjoyed. The photographs were good and the write up of Michelle & Carlsen very interesting.
Regards to you both, Renee & Jack Dixon

From the Bridegroom
Dear Chris and Mary

Back from Portugal on Sunday evening. Michelle started her new job on Monday and I am back to work today!

Thank you so much for your hard work and putting the photos on your London web page. Everybody loves them and so do we. Thank you both for your kindness and support. We are both glad you could make it and are pleased you enjoyed yourself, even though we did not have much time to speak to everybody! By the look of things we missed a good wedding!! It was a great day and by the look of the photos here and there it was a day not to be missed.

I am envious, you both seem to be doing some very positive things these days. Your London web efforts are fantastic.

Be in touch, Carl xx

PS - Have a look at the Radio London web site for some great photos of the wedding – shucks, you did them - silly me!

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