Chris Moiser began his Swops entry with, "Hi, I'm an Anorak – (sounds like the start of an AA meeting!)".
Yes indeedy! This is the page where we connect enthusiasts who want to swop tapes of offshore radio stations or other memorabilia. Your message will remain on the site for six months, unless you advise us that you wish us to remove or update it.

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WANTED: Radio Luxembourg books #1, #2 and #5. Email Mary:
04/10/13 Ken Richards says: "With all the chat of Kenny Everett around at the minute, I wonder if anyone can help. I'm looking for the comedy sketches that he used on his show, these came from 2 sources, Mel Blanc Associates LPs called 'Super Fun' and Gary Owens' 'Special report'. I would love to hear from anyone who has copies. I have lots of Kenny clips and jingles that I can swap.
04/10/13 Daniel Lesueur in France writes: "I have gathered almost all the press cuttings from UK press published about Radio Northsea International (R.N.I.) from December 1969 to 1972. Also a few cuttings from French magazines, period 1967-1974. If interested, contact Daniel Lesueur, author of the books, 'Pirates des Ondes' and 'Radios Pirates de Radio Caroline a la Bande FM'.
02/09/13 Paul May says: "I would be most interested in hearing from anyone who has Radio London offshore recordings, I'll be only too glad to swop. I have a wide collection of most of the offshore stations. Thanks, Paul May RNI; 'Paul Dean' Laser 558 plus Laser Hot Hits.
Chris Ridley says: "I have a large collection of British Offshore and Irish Landbased pirate radio recordings and documentaries, if anybody would like to build up their recordings collection, I would be delighted to swap recordings as MP3 files on CDs. E-mail me for my latest list of recordings:
Bob Glen writes: "Hi to all who have exchanged memories with me in the past. I am back after a long stint of working away, nevertheless, my collection has expanded immensely, especially my collection of 77 WABC shows and jingles. I have also got a huge amount of never-heard-before jingles and station promo's from the late 60s, as featured on the major American top 40 stations. I have recordings from all the British pirate stations (e.g. Caroline, England, London, etc., etc.) These are from the 60s to the 80s. Anyone interested in swapping or buying please contact me."
Eric Lawton says: "I am currently building up my collection of offshore radio shows from mainly the 60s and 70s. I have shows and clips from RNI, Radio Caroline, Radio London, Radio England plus a few recordings from Voice of Peace. I also have a load of shows from BBC Radio 1 from 1960 - 1981. If anyone would like to do swaps with me, I would be delighted to. I am prepared to sell mp3 discs with about 20 - 25 shows on each to anyone who wants to start their collection up, but would much prefer to do swaps and trades."

Manfred Steinkrauss has a big list from all 'Pirates' to swop and wishes to exchange recordings on cassette or CD; also in MP3. He will swop any offshore recordings from the good old 60s and 70s, also RNI Recordings from 1970-74.
Colin Wilkins says: 'I have many recordings of all the offshore stations of the 60's and in exchange I am looking for good quality recordings of Radio 270 and Radio Caroline North, especially from the 14th August 1967 from 18.30 hours onwards and any recordings of Don Allen.' Colin is also seeking recordings of 'I Wanna Go Back There Again' by US singer Karen Young. During the Big L 2000 and 2001RSLs, Colin made some recordings, and would love to swop tapes with others who did so on different days from him.
Webmasters' appeal: Does anyone have a recording of Gene Pitney's visit to Big L on June 8th 1965? Gene is also believed to have visited Caroline that day, so there may have been interviews on both stations. If you can help, please contact Mary