Radio London's Guide to Offshore Reunions
(The most recent are at the bottom of the page)

Left to Right: Mark Sloane, Robbie Dale, Tommy Vance, Mike Ahern, DLT, Keith Hampshire and John Aston
(Picture from the 35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion – Pauline Miller, 2002)

1997 Big L '97 Summer of Love Reunion. This Radio London reunion at Clacton-on-Sea commemorated the 30th anniversary of the enforced close-down of the station on August 14th, 1967.
2000 Offshore Radio Reunion, August 2000. A gathering held at the East Coast Rock Cafe in Harwich.
2001 Offshore Radio Reunion, August 2001. Back to Harwich and the East Coast Rock Cafe.
2001 USS Density Reunion, Dallas, Texas, September 2001. Before she was fitted out to become Radio London's floating home and named the mv Galaxy, the ship was an ex-WWII minesweeper, the USS Density. Her wartime crew held their own reunions for many years before discovering that she had enjoyed a new life as a radio station! In 2001, they met new friends and two of the original founders of Radio London for the first time.
2002 Offshore Radio Reunion, August 2002 (17 pages of photos!) This London event, the biggest we have organised, commemorated the 35th anniversary of the enforced offshore radio close-down by the passing of the Marine Offences Bill, and marked the start of the struggle to survive by the guys from Caroline North and South, who battled on.
2002 Mini-Reunions 2002. A 2-page photo-montage of people who missed the August event, but held their own on a smaller scale. Featuring Errol Bruce, Paul Burnett, Dave Cash, Roger Day, Ben Healy, Norm St John and Steve Young.
2003 USS Density Reunion, Branson Missouri, 2003. A happy gathering of ex-shipmates receives a wonderful surprise from Ron Buninga, the son of the ship's captain from when she was the mv Galaxy.
2004 Radio Caroline 40th Birthday Reunion, March 28th, 2004. Roger 'Twiggy' Day organised a party at the old pirate watering hole, the Red Lion in Mayfair and was rewarded with an amazing turnout.
2004 First North American Offshore Reunion, July 2004, Vancouver. A celebration marking the 40th birthday of Radio Caroline North commencing her broadcasts from Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man, reunites pirates from Canada, Australia and the UK.
2005 Radio London 40th Anniversary, 26th February 2005, London. A belated Big Lil birthday celebration.
2005 The Sixties Club – Sixties offshore jocks celebrate turning Sixty with a mini-reunion in London in 2005!
2005 Five pages of photos from a Radio Scotland mini-reunion, held in London, July 2005
2006 Grey Pierson's Radio England/Britain Radio 40th Anniversary Reunion, May 2006
2007 The Radio Academy Celebration of Offshore Radio, August 4th 2007
2007 USS Density Reunion, San Antonio, Texas, September 2007. The ship's bell is presented to the National Museum of the Pacific War
2009 Radio Caroline 45th Birthday Reunion, March 28th, 2009. Roger 'Twiggy' Day organised a party at the Ye Grapes pub in London.
2014 Radio London 50th Anniversary, 23rd December 2014, London
2017 Offshore 50 – 14th August 2017, London. Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the MOA