Radio London is proud and honoured to be twinning with WSNO in Stokeman, SC, USA for Christmas 2002.

(You pronounce Stokeman in a similar way to 'Pokeman'.)

How did we get involved in the station? Well, it all started when we went to South Carolina. The station was in dire need of financial investment, but we didn't have the cash to help out at the time. However, when we returned to the UK, several emails and secret transatlantic packages later, we became the proud owners of WSNO!

A bit about the station. Bobcat Matt gets his nickname from his Christian name, er..., Bob, and his surname, Catatonic. The 'Matt' part came from his insistance on using felt mats to cue records on the turntable (yes, the station only has one!) instead of the 'start' buttons provided on the sound desk. It has to be said that Bob's presentation can be a bit plastic at times...

Radio Caroline's Bud Ballou who assisted Radio London with the purchase of the station flew over from San Diego especially to perform the unveiling ceremony. Move your mouse over the picture on the right...

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Christmas Annual 2002