News release from TTS Mediapro – Dateline 1st June 2000


Former Laser 558 and Atlantic 252 star CHARLIE WOLF returns to national radio in the UK this weekend – and this time you don't need to make a boat trip to speak to him.

Charlie is on UK national station talkSPORT this coming Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings from 2am - 6am.

talkSPORT is on 1089 and 1053 AM or available through their web site:

Charlie said: "After years of music radio I'm happy and excited about being back on a national station, and one where I get to do nothing but talk on the phone all night!"

This Press Release from TTS-Mediapro - April 7, 1999

The fifteenth anniversary of LASER 558's sign-on is May 24th. The influential offshore station had millions of listeners and helped change the face of British radio. Its star, and famed "Eurosiege" rebel, CHARLIE WOLF, spoke exclusively about the upcoming event to TTS MEDIAPRO.

Q: Do you remember the sign-on itself?

A: No, actually I was one of the smart ones, I joined about 3 months after it started -- missing the boat trip and balloon aerials and all of that. I then left about three months before the station came into port.

I do remember the spirit of 15 years ago. They were incredible times and I don't think I will ever do radio that comes close to LASER. It's not just the music we played, or the millions of listeners. It was a special kind of spirit when I really felt that I was communicating, inspiring, and being a friend to my listeners.

Q: What made LASER 558 so special?

A: We helped change the face of British radio for the better. I've heard that not just from other people who were on British radio at the time, but also from Johnny Beerling, the then controller of Radio One who told me that LASER made them rethink how RADIO ONE did things.

We also played great music -- in some ways we broke the rules, even by American standards, mixing in as many classics as we did on what was a Top Forty station. We played all the new romantic stuff of the time -- a lot of which was featured on the Venus Hunters tv show recently, but also we really rocked with great songs from the Who, The Kinks and all the greats.

Q: How did your recent show on RADIO CAROLINE go?

A: It was really fun, and a much-needed boost. I let my hair down and chose all the music -- I hope I did a good job. It won't be the same as being on the COMMUNICATOR, but the spirit was there.

Q: Are there any plans for LASER's anniversary?

A: Nothing yet, but I am open to suggestions! Radio Caroline have been speaking to me about a commemorative show, and it would be nice to do something special with a few surprises. One idea floating around is to do a couple of special LASER LOVER ROADSHOWS in either Kent or Essex, but I would love to hear what the fans think? Still, I'd keep that weekend free if I were you!!!!!!


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