Annual 2002
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New Year's Eve 2002, and Radio London visits BBC LDN!
Christmas 2002, and Radio London twins with WSNO in South Carolina, USA. What a broadcast!
Chris and Mary's special Christmas prezzie to our viewers. SIXTEEN pages containing EIGHTY-EIGHT photos from the 35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion plus two pages of Mini-Reunions!
Our Christmas scrapbook with offshore memories and memorKNEEbilia
(Jan 03) Two pages of greetings from around the world
A page full of silly festive frolics
Previous Christmas Annuals have proved so popular that people have continued to visit them throughout the year
Annual 2001 (Click on a snowman!)

The festive scrapbook holds a panto promo, greetings from Radio Scotland and Radio City, memories of the Mi Amigo's merry Captain, Stewpot and Everett of England singing the Christmas Day weather and more!

Containing forty-eight entries, it's the size of a plum pudding! Field's Fab Forty from 18/12/1966

It's a cracker! Field's Fab Forty from Christmas Day 1966!

The first Fab Forty of a Fab New Year – 1967!

Compile your own DJ Top Ten, pop-pickers!

Groan your way through the Knees Club Special. Read extracts from Knees Monthly 1966 and listen to The Knees Speech!

Greetings from around the world

Annual 2000
(Updated Dec 04) Festivities aboard the Galaxy and Mi Amigo. What Santa brought and what the DJs had for dinner

Brian Long's Family Forty from December 1966

Greetings, pop-pickers! Warm wishes arrived from far and wide

So many greetings and kind comments about the Christmas Annual arrived at Radio London that we had to add an extra page!

Revive your brain! Play 'Offshore Spot-the-Difference' with Johnnie Walker and enter our caption competitions

The year 2000 was a memorable one for Anoraks around the world, especially in Clacton! We recap on some of the highlights.

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