She's a Top Model!
Ray Binning from Tiptree in Essex – who describes himself as a 65-year-old offshore radio enthusiast – has sent
some photos of his lovely model of the MV Galaxy

Ray writes:

Dave Cash said that I should send you this photo of the model I have made of the Radio London ship MV Galaxy. He said that his cabin was located just where the last 6 in 266 is, on the side of the ship. Both Dave and Keith Skues have shown great interest in my model of the Radio London ship. I hope to be able to show it to them later in the year.

As most of you will know already, Radio London's ship was a former Admirable class minesweeper, the USS Density, operational number AM-218. She was built in Florida in 1944, measured 184.5ft long x 33ft wide and weighted 780 tons. The vessel, sponsored by Miss M. Farmwald, was launched on the 6th of February 1944 by the Tampa Shipbuilding Co. Inc. in Tampa, Florida. USS Density was commissioned on the 15th of June 1944, with Lieutenant Commander R.R. Forrester Jr. in command. She played a vital role at Pearl Harbour and received three battle stars for World War II service.


My model was converted from a plastic kit of an Admirable class minesweeper that I bought from America last year. It's a slightly later version than the USS Density AM218, but this was the only kit available. Fortunately, it was still suitable for the conversion.

The ship is 17.5" long (44.4cm) x 3.25" wide (82.5cm) and 22.25" (56.5cm) from the bottom of the keel to the top of the aerial. Although it is difficult to see in the photos, the ship does have 'GALAXY' painted in small letters either side of the bow and on the stern.

I decided not to put any rust on the Galaxy, as I wanted her to be as she was when first moored off the Essex coast, ready to broadcast as Radio London. The first and last words of her transmissions were spoken by DJ Paul Kay.

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