Contributions of Radio London clippings and pics from Big L 97...
We were delighted to hear from Steve Silby, with whom we had lost contact since the summer broadcast of '97.

Steve says, "Here's a picture from my time on the first Radio London RSL. I'm the handsome one, second on the right. Also in the pic, Allan Trainer the engineer, Mark Roman, Peter McFarlane, John Kenning holding on for dear life... Chris Baird, me and I think his name is Paul – a cook who Allan mysteriously found homeless in Clacton one day! ...and what knees!"
These days I live with my wife Sally and daughter Ciara in Waterford, Ireland. I run a broadcast business called Total Broadcast ( selling equipment and maintaining radio stations, but I miss the on air stuff... I can occasionally be heard on BFBS television, so I may even bump into Chris myself. TLI is the serious stuff, I'm only allowed to touch the knobs!
Great to hear from you again, Steve – and shame on those in the photo who have their knees covered!
Hans Knot has found a picture of Pauline Miller (right) and the late Jenni Baynton. This was taken when they were having a whale of a time running the Big L shop in the hold of the Ocean Defender, during the RSL from St Katharine's Dock, London over the Christmas and New Year period 1997/98.

All contributions for our scrapbooks will be gratefully received