John Bennett has already shared his photos of his model of the Caroline ship, Ross Revenge. This has prompted Mike Stewart, who has broadcast from the red-and-white ship, to send pictures of his own model Ross

Port side view


I was interested to see the model of the Ross Revenge on your great web-site and thought you might like to see the one that I have constructed using the very same model. I hope that you like it, as you can see a lot of work has gone into getting it as near accurate as possible.

The main pictures, as you can see, are of one ship in almost finished condition. I have, in fact, made two and they are both now finished and look great if I do say so myself. (See photo below) The first one I am going to keep, the second I intend to put on e-bay.

I spent a lot of time on the Ross and did quite a few broadcasts from the ship i.e., several RSLs and also probably the last time she broadcast illegally from inside British waters. They were great days and I miss the ship and all those involved at the time greatly.

My health stops me going to stay on the ship now but making the models has brought back a lot of great memories, looking at photos of the Ross, etc, to help in making the models.

Keep up the good work with your site – it's well worth it

LA and kindest regards,

Mike Stewart

Stern view

Reshaped bow and anchor chain

Door to the transmitter hold

Starboard view

The two models together

Photographs and text © Mike Stewart 2005

Many thanks to Mike for sharing the photos of his lovely models.

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