Bill Meeks 1921-1999

We are indebted to our good friend Howie Castle in San Diego, for sending the following news:

"I'm sad to report the passing of Bill Meeks, the founder of PAMS, at 11:30pm CDT, on 8th September 1999. His passing signals an end of an era in broadcasting and jingle history. Bill is survived by his wife, 2 children, and 6 grandchildren. He was born on 2nd March 1921 in Terrell, Texas. He graduated from Sunset High School and the University of North Texas, and was an Army-Air Force World War 2 veteran (the Air Force was part of the US Army then, not a separate force like today). Bill, who founded PAMS in 1951, was not only a pioneer in the history of Top 40 radio and the jingle industry, but was also a woodwind, flute, and saxophone player. In addition, he was also an expert in music physics.

Bill's passing signals the end of an era in broadcasting and jingle history. Think about how his accomplishments have enriched your life. He will be missed."

Every Anorak and everyone in the broadcasting industry will echo Howie's sentiment.

More on Bill Meeks can be found at the Pams website:

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