August 4th – August 31st, 1134 kHz - 266

Welcome back to Big L, Bud and Norm!

NORMAN ST JOHN Norm is sounding in great form and we know that Big L listeners were delighted to hear his voice again after all these years. Programme Director, Paul Graham was delighted to welcome Norm back to the airwaves and we are all extremely grateful to him for going to so much trouble to be a part of Big L 2001. Norm was back above the watery waves as before, but this time on a pier as opposed to a ship.


You can contact Norman at:

Norman joined Radio London from Caroline in July 1966. Fans of his shows from the good old days aboard the Galaxy, will recall his famous Big L Birthday Book, a tome so popular that it gained millions of entries. Now Norman has not only reopened the Birthday Book for Big L 2001, he has included masses of general dedications and happy memories of offshore radio received from listeners around the world. Thank you from Norm, to everyone who sent dedications and messages and memories to be included in the shows.

Norm's shows were aired on Saturday afternoons, to follow the Wombat show

Show one on Saturday, 4th August, 1500 – 1800 BST.
Show two on Saturday, 11th August, 1500 – 1800 BST.

As an extra opportunity for Norman's many fans to tune in to his first Big L appearance since February 1967, the first show was repeated on Saturday, 18th August at 15001800 BST, and the second was aired again on Saturday, 25th August at 15001800 BST.

Norm says:

"Glad you liked the shows, I had to record them under somewhat difficult circumstances! I'll explain when I see you in Dallas."


You can send messages to Bud at

BUD BALLOU is remembered and admired for the popular US Chart Shows he presented on Radio Caroline in 1967/8, after the Marine Offences Act came into force.

Bud's US Chart Show, featuring Hot Hundred hits from 1968, was one of the most popular programmes of Big L 2000 and he kindly agreed to record another show for us to broadcast in 2001. However, Bud enjoyed his Millennium visit to Clacton so much, that he made a last-minute decision to return for Big L 2001 to present TWO shows live!

On Sunday 12th August and Monday August 13th, Bud took over the 1200 – 1500 slot. The Sunday show was the Best of the Fab Forty from 1967, the second was music chosen by Bud and his Producer, Mary Payne.

Ironically, Bud returned to London from Clacton on August 14th, for the onward journey for his flight home to California. This meant he caught the train to Liverpool Street Station, as all the Big L jocks did after coming ashore from the Galaxy thirty-four years earlier!