Kenny and Cash Kolumns
The Kenny and Cash Show ran from April 6th 1965 to October 8th 1965.
Six months of glorious mayhem ceased when Pete Brady left Radio London and Dave Cash changed shifts to take over the Breakfast Show.
The Kenny and Cash Kolumn appeared in Music Echo from May 15th. Exact dates are difficult to establish, but the kolumn kontents (sorry) do give some clues.
Read Dave Cash's personal account of his first months at Big L and the features that were banned from the Kenny and Cash Show on his personal website.

It was by sheer chance that in April 2005, the month of the 40th Anniversary of the start of Kenny and Cash, Radio London made contact with Dan McCurdy. Dan, who in 2004 was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, wrote:

What a terrific thrill it was to get your email re Charlie & Harrigan and the influence the show had on British radio. I was surprised at the impact and delighted to read the links you provided. How very much I appreciate your contact and information!

Do you know where Ben Toney is at present? He asked me to join him on his UK adventure many years ago and I declined – looking back, it would have been fun.

We have now put Dan in touch with Ben.

This must have been one of the first Kolumns, as 'This Little Bird' reached the Fab 40 Top Ten on May 16th 1965. The reference to a proposed Mike Hurst single might have concerned 'Show Me Around', which was not a Fab 40 entry till the end of July. Mike's earlier single, 'The Last Time You Walk Out on Me', was Dave Cash's climber. (What? 266metres, short-wave?!)
Note the 'Japan-knees' reference in this Kolumn! The Kenny and Cash 'Most Hated Group' competition was aired in July, which was also when Bobby Goldsboro charted with 'Voodoo Woman'.

Few date clues in this Kolumn, but probably July again, as that was when all manner of gonks and other peculiar items started arriving aboard the Galaxy. Amongst them was a 15-yard-long scarf knitted by schoolfriends Mary, Mozz and Jenny and other pals.

For the photo, we tied the scarf around a drainpipe and Mozz held one end, while Mary (white Beatle sweatshirt) held the other. Kenny and Cash were kneelighted with it!
Radio London DJs wrote the Big L Column for Disc on a rota basis. This one is from 30th October, 1965, shortly after the demise of the Kenny and Cash Show. Strange that Dave makes oblique reference to 'Knees' being a spoof of Sonny and Cher, but does not reveal what the song is called! The 'dreadful' Kenny and Cash single was flipped by Decca to make the B-Side – called 'The B-Side' the A. It was released the following month.

When Dave took over the Breakfast Show, it was quickly renamed 'The Rabbit Patch', hence his reference to listeners sending him 310 rabbits.

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