Captain Bill Buninga's Memorabilia

When Ron Buninga, the son of the Galaxy's Captain Bill Buninga, attended the USS Density Reunion in 2003, he brought with him some personal photos and memorabilia which had belonged to his late father and mother. Ron has very kindly donated them to the Radio London archives.

Bill (who passed away in September 1993) remained the Galaxy's captain when the ship was laid up in Hamburg in late 1967,
and his son served on board as a watchman, for nearly 2 years.

Ron says,
"When I got on board the ship shortly after it was brought to Hamburg, the studio was hardly vandalised. Only the most recent records were taken away. All the commercial carts and jingles were still in the racks! You are not going to believe me if I tell you that I did even discover the original final hour on tape!

I stacked my cabin with a lot of memorablia but unfortunately the tape was given away by my father to a German dock worker who probably did not have any idea what was on it!"

Bill is shown above, commanding his ship, and below, relaxing with his wife.
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The photographs taken of Ron at the
USS Density Reunion where he presented the WWII crew with the ship's bell reveal a strong family likeness.

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Dave Hawkins, Kenny Everett, Captain Bill, Richard Swainson and a crew member
The Galaxy on the move. (Click on the photo to see a larger version)

The Galaxy, painted green, as she looked during the early years of her stay in Hamburg

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