Beyond Summer '67

Offshore News
clippings from the Francis Pullen collection

Thanks to Francis very kindly donating his phenomenal collection of newspaper clippings to the Radio London archives, we have already shown you what the press was reporting in the summer of 1967 about the closedown of offshore radio.

Now we go beyond that to show how Caroline North and South were coping and trying to remain positive as the last remaining stations, how the the music press had not forgotten offshore radio, and how the two Caroline ships disappeared on March 3rd 1968 and the aftermath.

The Times

Daily Mail 9th December 67

Our own pages of recollections of March 3rd by DJs Bud Ballou (Caroline South) and Martin Kayne (Caroline North) are here.

The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame also has a fine collection of newspaper clippings covering the period when the ships were towed away. Read the PRHoF selection of clippings here.

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