...."My friends say I lead a unique life!"
Tom (note pirate lapel badge from 2005 Radio London reunion)
flies the flag with Mary in Fort Worth, 2008

Tom Danaher, who died in September 2014, was the co-founder of both Radio London and later Radio England/Britain Radio, who kitted-out both the USS Density and the Olga Patricia for broadcasting off the coast of Essex. At the 2008 premiere of the Swinging Radio England documentary, Tom was named by Grey Pierson as his late father Don's best friend. He enjoyed an amazing life and as a skilled light aircraft pilot, appeared in numerous films.

Around 1996, Tom was named Pilot of the Month by a website called best and was interviewed for a feature. (The author is not named.) When we first met a year or so later, Tom kindly sent Radio London a copy of the pages that had appeared on the now-defunct site.

Thanks to Tom, we were able to return the Pilot of the Month story to the internet. It appears to have originally displayed on aeronet as one continuous page, which is why some text and photos were broken in the middle when it was printed out. Sadly, the photographs had reproduced badly in Tom's original document and could not be improved.

It is interesting to note that Tom had completely misremembered the Radio London format, recalling instead Don's original intention of rebroadcasting programmes recorded from KLIF, Dallas. Don changed his mind after being persuaded that this would never work with a 1964 British audience totally unfamiliar with US radio.

Click on individual pages to see legible versions.

The missing caption to the photo at the bottom right of page 1 reads, "Danaher's Goose over the Amazon". Missing text in the second-to-last paragraph, page 2, reads "...the recent James Bond action thriller 'Goldeneye'. His first movie was 'Firepower' with Sophia Loren..."

Missing text in the third-from-last paragraph, page 3, reads "...the Thai army assembled the shell of a Porter from the remains."

Tom's local Wichita Falls paper, the Times Record, asked him to recall his part in the shooting of the film 'Out of Africa', as a tribute to director Sydney Pollack, who died on May 26th, 2008. Interview here.

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