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Hans Knot has very kindly forwarded this photograph of 'Admiral' Robbie Dale, taken in Lanzarote, where he now runs a camping and holiday park with his wife Stella.

See more recent pics of Robbie at the 2002 Offshore Reunion and at the Caroline 40th Birthday Party

See Keefers' fantastic pic of Robbie and other DJs in the galley of the Mi Amigo, (below) and Steve Young's pic at the bottom of the previous page.


Left to right around the table, Tommy Vance (meditating on a jam butty), Steve Young (about to do something stirring), Mike Ahern (whose shirt thinks it's in Hawaii, not the North Sea), Robbie Dale (sans 'Admiral' uniform), John Aston (latest news bulletin in his pocket - or is it a love letter?), Johnnie Walker (sharing the fag rations). On the table, HP sauce, tomato ketchup, chips, bread, milk.....

You can see a much larger version of the picture by clicking here.

Art Galley
When Keith 'Keefers' Hampshire was raking through his memorabilia, he came up trumps with this terrific photographic record of supper aboard the Mi Amigo.

Keefers says: "The galley pic was taken by The Eastern Daily Press in Norwich. How it came to be in my possession, I can't remember. Perhaps it was taped to something or other on the ship and I snagged it when I left in August of 67?"

A smart move, or it could have ended up lost forever. (It's actually the mess, not the galley, but we didn't like to correct Keefers!)

While adjusting Keefers' pic for the site, we liked the way the photo looks so much like one that has been unearthed from the depths of a box in the attic. Chris decided to leave it in colour so you could see the brown stains of age...! Anoraks? Us?

The Radio London webmasters have been able to narrow down the date when the picture was taken. According to Keith Skues' "Pop Go The Pirates", John Aston joined the South ship, (after previously having left the North ship) in November '66, and left at the end of January '67.

Keefers has been rummaging through his pirate treasure chest and has come up with some real gems!

'Tatty' Tom Edwards with TV on Radio - Tommy Vance
Keefers seems astonished to be photographed with Ian MacRae
Below: Here comes DLT!
Below: Steve – a laid back 'Young' man!
...and in surely, one of the most fantastic pictures taken on Caroline, (below)
a hairy monster attempts to escape from the studio!
Below: The Hairy One and motley crew strike again, as Hans Knot very kindly shares some of the photos from a contact sheet of prints which were given to him by one of the Caroline DJs in the mid-Sixties.



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