Their Final Hour
Compiled by Brian Thompson and Alan Field, with additional work by Mary Payne

Radio London's sad farewell, on August 14th 1967, is probably the most-recorded Big L programme, but Brian Thompson spotted that there was no written record of the rundown. Working with 'Fab' Alan Field, Brian decided to rectify the matter.

A Juicy Fruits chewing gum-sponsored programme, presented by Lee Peters and Tommy Vance, aired between 1330 and 1400. The 'London My Hometown' jingle was played before the weather forecast and 'Their Final Hour' began.

'Their Final Hour', hosted by Ed Stewart and Paul Kaye, was prerecorded and carefully timed and edited so that Radio London would close at precisely 1500. Fourteen advertisements (including a live promo for the Radio London disc) and thirteen Fab Forty tracks were crammed into the hour. Advertising agencies must have been fighting over the final slots, several of which were won by major players in the tobacco, car hire and hair care industries. So many messages of support and tributes to the station had been recorded by station personnel, both current and former, and by musicians who owed so much to Radio London, that only twenty-two of them could be accommodated. With twenty-two farewells, fourteen commercials, twelve jingles (including 'Big Lil'), links, news, Philip Birch's closing announcement and thirteen Fab Forty tracks, musical content in 'Their Final Hour' had to be truncated where necessary.

Some farewells had to be aired earlier in the day, with Ray Davies of the Kinks and current Big L DJ Ian 'Wombat' Damon, paying their own tributes during Ed Stewart's show between 1300 and 1330.

'Their Final Hour' was offered for sale as a souvenir disc (right) during the programme.
On its left is the soundtrack to the Big L film.
(See feature in 'Minimemories)

The rundown for 'Their Final Hour' went as follows:

Farewell Messages
Fab Forty tracks

London My Hometown
Here's The Latest Weather Word
Weather (read by Ed Stewart)
1400: Ed Stewart introduced the prerecorded show with: "This is Radio London on 266 metres. The time is two o'clock."
The programme began with Paul Kaye's introduction, "And now Radio London presents 'Their Final Hour'."
You're Hearing Things
Further introduction from Ed Stewart, 'Myrtle' and Paul Kaye
Cliff Richard
It's All Over – Cliff Richard (#4 Fab Forty 26/03/67)
John Cotton Cigarillos
Links from Ed Stewart & Paul Kaye
Sight And Sound – "Type The Easy Way"
Let's Pretend – Lulu (#5 FF 16/07/67)
Links from Ed Stewart & Paul Kaye
Mark Roman - current DJ. Spoken over his usual 'Roman Empire' theme - 'Wipeout' by the Surfaris
Happiness Is...
Tony Windsor - former Radio London Head DJ

Look Transparent Cooking Film ad (Ed Stewart live read) "Something TW has used many times in the past, usually to cover his knees."

John Walker – The Walker Brothers
Make It Easy On Yourself – The Walker Brothers (#4 FF 29/08/65)
Link from Paul Kaye
Vitalis (Alexis Korner)
Mick Jagger
The Last Time – The Rolling Stones (#1 FF 14/03/65, 21/03/65)
Link from Ed Stewart
John Peel – current Big L DJ, famed for his 'Perfumed Garden'
Big L jingle (instrumental)
Paul Kaye live read of promo for Big L Disc
Bruce Johnston – Beach Boy
Heroes And Villains – The Beach Boys (joint #1 final FF, 06/08/67)
Consulate Cigarettes
Links from Ed Stewart & Paul Kaye
Duncan Johnson - former DJ
Avis Van Rental (Paul Kaye) (music bed 'Sure Gonna Miss Her' – The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett)
Cat Stevens –singer/songwriter
I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens (#6 FF 30/10/66)
Kenny Everett - former DJ
Big L jingle (instrumental)
Pete Drummond - current DJ
Paul Kaye talking to Ed Stewart about his life with Radio London from its start to finish
Come On Over To My Place – The Drifters (#5 FF 16/05/65)
Link from Ed Stewart
Tony Blackburn - former DJ
A Girl Like You – The Rascals (#5 final FF, 06/08/67)
Link from Ed Stewart
News jingle
Final News (Paul Kaye reporting)

Two voices from 'Their Final Hour' - The Roman Emperor and Stewpot. Note the Roman Right Knee - no clingfilm there!
Photo by Peter Mould, from the Mark Roman Archive.
Paul Kaye (left) appears to be receiving serious news from Philip Birch, MD, (centre). (Earl Richmond on the right, we believe.) Photo from the Gordon Sheppard Archive.

News Out
Musical link: Instrumental 'Ocean Terminal' - library/production music - Ralph Dollimore composer
Link from Paul Kaye
Wonderful Radio London jingle (instrumental)
Look Transparent Cooking Film ad (Ed Stewart live read)
Madeline Bell, singer
Climb Ev'ry Mountain – Madeline Bell (#35 final FF, 06/08/67)
Link from Ed Stewart
Chuck Blair - current DJ
Sight And Sound – "Type The Easy Way"
Wonderful Radio London jingle (instrumental)
QT Quick Tanning Lotion
Chris Denning - former DJ
duMaurier Super Kings Cigarettes
Dave Cash - former DJ
Avis Car Rental (Paul Kaye) - same music bed as previously
Jonathan King - singer, writer and producer
Everyone's Gone To The Moon – Jonathan King (#1 FF 15/08/65)
Link from Ed Stewart
Vitalis (Alexis Korner)
Keith Skues - recently departed DJ
Needless To Say…Wonderful Radio London
Tommy Vance - current DJ
Link from Ed Stewart
Consulate Cigarettes
Dusty Springfield, singer

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me – Dusty Springfield (edited to come in at the point where the lyrics say, "Left alone, with just a memory")
(#3 FF 17/04/66)

Link from Ed Stewart
I'll Never Fall In Love Again – Tom Jones (#1 30/07/67)
Link from Ed Stewart
Wonderful Radio London jingle (instrumental)
Ringo Starr
If You're Feeling Down…. 'Beatles' jingle
Link from Paul Kaye
Closing statement, Philip Birch, Managing Director Radlon Sales
A Day In The Life – The Beatles (#1 FF 11/06/67)

Paul Kaye's was the first voice heard on Radio London and it was to be the last. Poignantly, Paul was given the task of making the final announcement, perhaps the saddest we've ever heard, "Big L time is three o'clock and Radio London is now closing down."

Big Lil instrumental

Many thanks to Brian and Fab.

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