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Duncan Johnson's
70th Birthday Party

Duncan (b Gerry Clements, 17th August 1938) joined Radio London on 1st February 1965, only weeks after the station's start.
He remained with Big L till July 1966.
On August 24th 2008, a group of friends gathered in Kent to attend a celebration marking his 70th birthday.
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What's this 'ere?...

...a custom teeshirt! Front...

...and back...

...Thanks, Liza! A perfect fit!

Posing with the real ale menu

Working out who's who on the photo-montages

Hello, Dear!

Willy Walker and Softly sign the birthday card

Willy jokes with Dave and June Hawkins

Jan and Clare

Appropriate fun-bags for Duncan and shipmates to play with

Staff laying out the buffet
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