The Complete Radio London Fab Forties
Features relating to the charts – go to 'What's Happening' for the latest Fab Forty updates

Comparison between the Fab Forty and the Caroline Countdown for the same week in September 1966. (Jempi Laeveart's Caroline Charts are here.)
Fab Forties feature in Belgian Magazine 'Jukebox'
(Updated Aug 11 ) How Radio London got the exclusive first play of Sgt Pepper
(June 13) Fossilised Fab Forties – our first complete Fab Forty is dated January 24th 1965, but in a great new feature, earlier chart placings are unearthed by Fab Alan Field
Peter and Gordon visit the Galaxy
Interview with Nirvana's Patrick Campbell-Lyons
James Royal spills the beans about his musical career
Rewritten and fully updated. Craise F(r)inton Kirk – the Sixties song by a star from Oz that became a Big L anthem
Two-page supplement of New UK Releases for July 1967
How Radio London got the musical exclusive of the 20th century – Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
John Bobin's story of The Fingers
Oldies Project interview conducted by Win de Lang
One-hit wonders with a huge Family Tree, The Pack, by lead singer Rustic Rod Goodway
A profile of West Midlands favourites, Herbie's People by band member Michael Taylor
Studio Six, the Beatstalkers, the Pathfinders and Marmalade – stories of Glasgow bands who made it to the Big L Fab 40
Reaction to the Oldies Project
(Regularly) The A-Z of Fab 40 artists
The Radio London 'Fam 40' – the additional Big L track list added for Christmas 1966
Author Brian Long explains how he compiled the charts for his book 'The London Sound', with additional note by Pete Brady
The early Fab 40 compilers Gert van der Winden and Machteld Meijer explain their love of Radio London's charts
The Knees Club – a history of a star-studded club inspired by TW's knees. The latest pages are devoted to the Club's Anniversarknee
A 2-page feature on the Radio London film, Dateline Diamonds, released April 1966 and featuring Kenny Everett
A complete transcript of the Kenny Everett/Tony Blackburn Climber Review, Oct 23rd, 1966
David Bowie, David Ballantyne and the Discatron. In "The Tale of David Ballantyne..." you will discover why David is holding a strange device called a Discatron and why he visited a tiny club in High Wycombe with Earl Richmond and David Bowie
After generating so much interest, the Discatron was given its own pages, including full-colour photos of a pristine machine.
Who were the real members of the Knack and why was Mary made an Honorary Member of the group?
Dave Dennis favourites, the Untamed were a group who wrote and recorded jingles for him
The Big L anthem that failed in the UK for Johnny Young, mainly through sheer bad luck
The final chart, August 6th, 1967, runs into two pages, covering the music and events of Radio London's final days

The full index of Radio London Fab Forties 24th January 1965 – 6th August 1967
Introduction to the Radio London Fab Forties, and the story of how the full set was acquired

If anyone has any information concerning charts or playlists featured on Radio London in the weeks between December 1964 and May 1966, particularly additional information regarding climbers, please get in touch

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