...between the USS Density and the mv Galaxy

A unique event took place in Branson, Missouri
in September 2003 to do with a bell...

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How it all started...
The fantastic story, in pictures, of the Density Reunion and Bell Presentation!
Many more pictures of the combined USS Density and Radio London family
Ron Buninga's Presentation Speech plus 'wonderful' feedback from reunion guests
Reactions to the story received from around the world

John Platt's photos and story of his initial contact with the USS Density crew are here.
John's fantastic model of the ship as the mv Galaxy is here.

Report and photos of the 2001 USS Density Reunion in Dallas are here.

Photograph of Bill courtesy of Ron Buninga.

mv Galaxy photo courtesy of Hans Knot and the Soundscapes website.

Silhouette USS Density logo used by kind permission of Tanya Baugus.

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