January 2004
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Tether your nadgers and lock up your moolies – it's Round the Horne Revisited!

Round the Horne Revisited, is a recently-opened West End show at The Venue, Leicester Square. Based on one of the nation's best-loved Sixties radio comedies, it was written and adapted by original 'Horne' scripwriter, Brian Cooke. Mega-fan, Peter Young, attended a preview:

I went to see this production not expecting anything special, but it was absolutely great, almost as good as the real thing. Every single cast member was spot on. The Betty Marsden character (Kate Brown) was outstanding and the Kenneth Horne, (Jonathan Rigby) although younger than the real Kenneth was at the time, had the voice, the timing and most important of all, the geniality, just right.

It was great entertainment: a sort of comedy 'tribute band' if you like. Some of the gags were familiar, although they did choose a couple of the more obscure scripts. There was a brand new Julian and Sandy sketch too.

I have a feeling that once the glowing reviews start getting printed, it may run for quite a long time. Highly recommended. In fact I'm thinking of going again!

Scrapbook Ireland Special
In his first site update for 2004, Bob le-Roi crosses to Ireland for part one of a Scrapbook feature on South Coast Radio, while One Subject One Link covers 'Zero Cue'. Feedback, mail and contributions are always welcome.

New Year Greetings From Canada from Steve, Ben, Lorne, John and Mick!
Several of our ex-offshore friends from Canada have been in contact with each other over the Festive Season Steve Young says:
Hi Mary and Chris,

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable New Year's Eve. Best wishes, too, for 2004. Let's hope it brings us all lots and lots of good times.

I had a chance to call Ben Healy while Trish and I were in Edmonton. We had a good chat and although we didn't have time to meet each other in person this time around we agreed to get together some time in the future.

Seems that Ben also knows Lorne King who I also know from his days at Big L. Since Lorne and I were both "Alberta boys" we shared some common experiences and met up several times while we were working aboard our respective offshore stations. Anyway it was good to chat to Ben and I'll keep you posted if, and when, we get together in the future.

Best wishes, Steve

Ben Healy wrote:

Hi Chris & Mary,

Greetings and Happy New Year From Canada. I have spent the last four days with John Kerr (Ex Radio Scotland) now on 2UE Sydney Australia. My wife and I spent the New Year's with John and his wife Rhonda in Banff and Lake Louise and the memories just flowed. We had a wonderful time and I will send you some photos of the trip.

I heard from Steve Young by telephone. He and his wife were in Edmonton and he gave me a call and we had a nice chat, but he had to leave for Victoria right away so we never got to meet. We have exchanged a couple of E-mails and as always he, like many others, spoke very highly of you and Chris. I spent a day with Lorne King two days ago and he sends his regards. Next time I visit with him I will take along my camera.

All the best to you both for 2004.

Love, Ben

Mick Luvzit, who kindly sent us an update about Bob Stewart, also wrote:

I have to phone Gordy Cruse and Steve Young and say hi and Happy New Year so will be in touch with you later. Take care you two, and have a Healthy, Happy and Successful New Year.

Your Canadian friend, Mick Luvzit

Seeing in the New Year – Radio London style!

Although Radio London isn't renowned for playing disco music, this didn't stop Mary and Alan Hardy being really silly on New Year's Eve with two disco balls and a torch...!

Chris was more sensible – he just took the picture!

Hopefully, this silliness will last all year!

What do you mean, you've never heard of a Vinyl Anniversary?

To celebrate our 33-and-a third wedding anniversary on December 29th, we (Chris and Mary) went for a special meal with friends.

Star of the show must be Fab Alan who made us a framed 'gold' disc with which to remember the suspicious occasion. It's i
nscribed, "To Chris & Mary Payne. Congratulations On Your Vinyl Wedding Anniversary".

With a track list of 'Supergirl', 'It Must Be Him', 'The Wedding', 'Happy Together', 'Years May Come, Years May Go' and 'Anniversary Waltz' it would make a great album!

Pauline and Dave Miller sent us a musical card (containing a spectacular light show!) , which plays "Celebration"!

Thanks a million guys and gals for making our day so special.

Below: PY, Fab Alan, Mary, Di, Chris and Hugo.

'Here's one I received earlier." Cardboard Shoes accepts another prestigious award - a World-Class Anorak certificate - from Chris Payne. Click on picture to see enlargement. Photo courtesy of Pauline Miller

Cardboard MB KNEE!
Congratulations to Knees Club Member number 235, Keith Skues, who receives a Cardboard MBKnee in the Knee – sorry, we mean New – Year's Honours List for his services to broadcasting and charity work!

As Prince Charles is reputed to have been a teenage member of the Radio London Club, we have prompted Mr Skues to enquire of the Royal Mrs Woman if she was also a Big L fan. He says:

Greetings Mary and Chris,

It was kind of you to e-mail offering congratulations on the appointment to MBE in the New Year Honours List. However, I must say there are far more worthy people around who should be honoured, rather than a presenter who is heard every day of the week on radio. Having said that I am both flattered and delighted to receive the award. I have been politely told they used to hang pirates in the old days. I am very lucky to have got away with it.

When at Buckingham Palace I will check and see if there are any Big L stickers on windows or mirrors in the Royal Quarters

Every good wish for the New Year.

Kind regards, Keith MBKnee - I love it!!! Knees Club Member 235

"Thank You Dear" – Duncan and Softly jog Stewpot's memory!
Duncan Johnson sent us this great photo. He writes:

Here is a photo which I thought you might like to see. It's me, Stewpot and Softly, taken at the Cricketers' Club in Blandford Street in September, when Stewpot wanted some help from in putting the final touches to his biography.

Softly used to accompany Mike Lennox, Stewpot or me to all the Sixties record company receptions, so much so that he attended more than any of us. We always had to go back to the ship and, of course, he didn't. Many of the record company people assumed he was part of the Radio London staff and once he and Penny Valentine became an item, he was invited everywhere. Nothing much has changed as I'm due to meet him for a drink later and we may even be joined by Chris Peers, the former agent, who knew/knows just about everyone.

Wishing you all the best in 2004, Duncan

(I bet Stewpot had forgotten he was Knees Club member #14 – Club Founder)

(Click on photo to view enlarged image)

Radio London Directors have their own piece of Graffiti

On a visit recent to Groningen in Holland, at the kind invitation of Hans Knot and his wife Jana, Radio London's directors, Chris and Mary Payne, were photographed with their very own piece of graffiti, which has graced the wall since 1966! Brilliant stuff, that Silexene paint, (although we suspect Hans secretly creeps out every so often out at the dead of night and refreshes the writing).

Click on either of these pictures to see even more shots of our great weekend, including a surprising Caroline artifact!

Revealing RWB
Jonathan's January update to The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame contains:
The first instalment of photos taken on Radio 390 by senior presenter Edward Cole – with more to come next month; we share some memories of the Caroline Club

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