August 4th – August 31st, 1134 kHz - 266m

Radio London Attracts A Galaxy of Stars!

Our Offshore Star Guests!

When the Radio London phone rang on Thursday, August 2nd, we were amazed when the caller turned out to be Caroline North's Mick Luvzit, phoning all the way from Canada! Mick's offshore radio days mean a great deal to him and he looks back on the warm relationship he had with his Caroline audience with great affection. He tells us his daughter's middle name is Caroline!

Mick had been hoping he would be able to get over to England to take part in Big L 2001, but unfortunately, he was unable to make it due to heavy work commitments. Mick, did, however, kindly record a number of items especially for Radio London, which he sent via the Internet. These were aired throughout the broadcast. Mick's 1966 single Long Time between Lovers also featured on the Big L playlist.

Stars from Big L 2000 eagerly signed-up for the summer 2001 broadcast, with Radio London originals Ian Damon, Keith Skues both participating again, with John Ross-Barnard on the news. Keith welcomed two special guest stars, Frank Ifield's biographer, Pauline Halford, and The Nashville Teens' Colin Pattenden, who stood in at the last minute for an ailing Ray Phillips. Full details of the shows presented by star guests, Bud Ballou and Norman St John can be found here.

Lil had been pining for him since 1997, but this year he came BACK! Man of literary merit and star of TV screen and wireless set, Falafel Giggletush, aka Tony Currie presented four London After MIdnight shows and on Sunday, August 12th, he premiered a WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Tony proudly featured a lost Big L tape. Hidden in a dusty cupboard under an ancient pair of plastic kneecaps, Tony discovered a tape called Swinging UK, which was recorded on-shore as a Radio London pilot programme, but never transmitted. On August 12th, the show received its first airing in thirty-six years!

Apparently intended for the US market, (presumably for syndication), the half-hour show features extracts from the Fab Forty for 6th January 1965, shortly after Radio London came on the air. It is presented by the late John Benson (probably best remembered as the unseen voice of Anglia TV's Quiz, Sale of The Century), whose guest interviewees are The Rolling Stones and The Kinks.

On our behalf, Big L Sixties backer Tom Danaher, kindly phoned Radio London's first Programme Director, Ben Toney, at his home in Texas, to ask if Ben could fill in any information regarding the mystery tape. Tom reports:

" I've just talked to Ben Toney and he was totally in the dark about Swinging UK. Also, Ben had never heard of John Benson."

If we are able to establish any more information about the mystery programme, we'll let you know.

The Big L Listener barely had time to recover from all this excitement by 1130, when another stunning WORLD EXCLUSIVE hit the airwaves in the form of the first on-air Radio London soap opera (as against what goes on behind the scenes!). The Adventures of Big Lil, an everyday story of a radio superheroine, written and performed by Tony Currie. The talented Mr Currie also presented Radio London with a variation on the 'London, my hometown' song, called, 'Clacton, my hometown'.

Meanwhile, our friend Roger Cooper worked very hard to record messages for Big L 2001 from Sixties stars Ray Phillips, Colin Pattenden, Jackie Lynton, Karl Green and Colin Earl.

Ray Phillips is, of course, the Nashville Teens' vocalist and very much a part of the current Sixties circuit. Ray will also be interviewed during the Keith Skues Show, Sunday 12th between 3.00 and 6.00pm.

Colin Pattenden was the bassist with Manfred Mann's Earth Band and is now a member of the current Teens line-up, with Ray Phillips.

Jackie Lynton released solo singles and was lead vocalist with the Savoy Brown Blues Band. A prolific songwriter, Jackie, who wrote Again and Again, the Status Quo hit from 1978, has written and recorded a special Big L jingle!

Karl Green is remembered as the bassist with Sixties hit-makers, Herman's Hermits. Karl now manages sound systems for the Queen Elizabeth and Festival Halls on London's South Bank and also find time to write music.

Colin Earl played keyboards for Mungo Jerry and co-founded Foghat, after leaving the Savoy Brown Blues Band. Colin now plays with the King Earl Boogie Band.

On behalf of Big L 2001 management, we would like to extend huge thanks to Roger Cooper and all the guys for taking the time to show their appreciation of Radio London and share their Big L memories.

Drinking Camp Coffee from a Cardboard Cup - it's
Cardboard Shoes

Norman St John - back on Big L
for the first time since 1967!

Dave Rogers and
Ian 'Wombat' Damon

John Ross-Barnard
has in his hand the piece of paper!

Ray Anderson with Bud Ballou

He's big, he's bold and he's HERE!
Peter Young

Bank Holiday Monday August 27th

A World Exclusive hits the Falafel Giggletush Show
PLUS exciting pieces of black vinyl!


Keeping his beady eye on things – Radio London's Programme Director, Paul Graham


All the way from Whitton
– it's Alan Hardy!


Mary and Chris
– Dynamic Duo or Odd Couple?

Paul Graham and Victor Hartman nominate
Mary Payne to get the coffee .


A warm welcome awaits hungry Anoraks from
Pauline and the staff in the pier's
Jolly Roger restaurant

New for 2001!


Tony Allan, star of many offshore stations, and pictured left (thanks to Raoul Verolleman) in his RNI days was pleased to add his name to the Big L 2001 celebrity line-up. Tony, who revealed that he had long held an ambition to present a show on Radio London, has now fulfilled his wish.

Radio London also took pleasure in welcoming on Bank Holiday Monday, August 27th, from Noon to 1500 BST, Radio 355's Tony Monson! Tony, who took time out from running his satellite station, Solar Radio, was another man fulfilling a long-held ambition to be on Big L.

These were the other new stars in the Big L 2001 firmament

Another new 'kid' on the block' was Caroline South's Curly-headed Kid In the Third Row, Steve Young, whose voice could be heard hitting the airwaves on 1134 this August.

Steve become a granddad for the first time in 2001 (see June Happenings) but he's been taking it in his stride. As Keefers' photograph, taken aboard the Mi Amigo, shows, he's a laid-back kind of guy!

Ron O'Quinn
(Swingin' Radio England's head DJ)

Emperor Rosko
(pictured aboard the Cheeta II in '66)


Offshore at the end of the pier: more well-loved watery wireless jocks whose voices were heard for the first time this year on Radio London.

Ron O'Quinn only recently returned from honeymoon, so we were grateful to him for sparing the time to participate alongside former Caroline jocks, Emperor Rosko and Keith 'Keefers' Hampshire in what has proved be one of the best Radio London broadcasts ever! Steve, Ron, Rosko and Keefers – we really appreciate your participation. You're all terrific!