Removal of the Galaxy Flywheel

These photographs were taken by a member of a work crew who went out to the Galaxy for three months to remove the heavy flywheel from the redundant mine-sweeping equipment and dump it overboard. (Yes, a part of the ship is still there at the bottom of the North Sea.) We have no exact dates, but Brian Long, in 'The London Sound' suggests it was late 1965. The person who took the photos is deceased and we were permitted to scan them by his son. This means we have been unable to identify the two men, or the contents of some of the photos, although members of the original USS Density crew have kindly supplied some identification. The men depicted may have been members of the work crew, or of the regular Galaxy crew. So far, nobody who was aboard the ship during the Radio London m.v Galaxy days can recall the event. If you click on any picture, you will be taken to a larger version.

Many thanks to Paul Ewers for obtaining these pictures.

galaxy001 galaxy002 galaxy003
Engine room Engine room Flying Bridge looking forward and ship's bell
galaxy004 galaxy005 galaxy008
Engine room Engine room At the D-1 deck starboard side looking forward at the Bow
galaxy006 galaxy009 galaxy011
  Ship's bow  

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