The Knees Club
A section devoted to patellae – knobbly, hairy, famous and insigkneeficant
Visitors to the Radio London website and in particular the Fab 40s, are often bemused by the frequent references to knees and to bands joining the Knees Club. This section offers a history of this illustrious organisation (founded in 1966) and how it was inspired by the on-air lunacy of Kenny and Cash.
The first - and probably the last - Knees Club member to be honoured with a statue
Roger Williams' recollections of an earlier duo than Kenny and Cash, plus 15 seconds with Cathy MacGowan but no 'Knees'!
Knees Club History. Founder Mary Payne explains what it is, why she started it and why knees still haunt her – (Part 1)
Knees Club History – (Part 2)
Biographies of Dave Cash and Kenny Everett
Two pages about the Knees Club's 40th Annkneeversarknee, with Club diary and list of famous members.
The story of the Club Song 'Knees' by Kenny and Cash, from its writer, David Cummings
A Purple Revelation from KC member #17!
The Kenny and Cash Kolumns
Ray Ennis – a newly-appointed Knees Club President kneely reveals all!

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