M • I • N • I
M • E • M • O • R • I • E • S

These pages are devoted to special memories of Big L in the Sixties.
If you have a particular memory of something that happened while listening to Radio London, won a station competition, or have unearthed some rare memorabilia, please click on the mail button to the right and let us know!

There's no room to list every single thing on every page, but these are some of the fascinating items to be discovered in Mini-memories
Page One: a psychedelic poster,'Big L Bingle', Wimbledon Palais nights and memories of an arrival in England
Page Two: the Galaxy in the river Elbe, a mention on Stewpot's School Spot, a letter from Graeme Gill and an OBKnee
Page Three: a major Big L prizewinner, pea soup served on bucking Galaxy, and the T-shirt at the bottom of the wardrobe
Page Four: personal memories received around August 14th 2003
Page Five:marvellous memorabilia from Captain Buninga's son, Ron, and the Radio London Brands Hatch Trophy Meeting
Page Six: a Big L Club application and a Swedish group modelling 1967 Big L T-shirts
Page Seven: Lorne King's Big L identity bracelet – MP3 promo added, a letter to Phillip Birch from Billboard, a Pall Mall publishing contract with Ritchie Blackmore and a sad recollection of the Final Hour from a staff member.
Page Eight: the Big L discotheque, June Bellas and letters about the Galaxy written in 1987 by Kenny Everett and Eddie Blackwell
Page Nine: Derek Paice visited Chuck Blair, an advert for an unusual club, a Dutch magazine feature and some new advertising deals for Big L
Page Ten: Clippings from Belgian magazine 'Humo', two columns written by Big L DJs.
Page Eleven: Derek's autographs; Big L Club newsletter wants you to join the 'IN' crowd; the two promotions that were made for Big L's 'eve of destruction'.
Page Twelve: Reveille Poster and green Galaxy
Page Thirteen: Gordon Sheppard's Big L Promotions at Olympia – COLEX 67 and the Big L Catamaran

Page Fourteen: Radio London Brides; Rave magazine, 1965

Page Fifteen: The editor of Dutch publication Hitweek visited the Galaxy

Page Sixteen: Problems at the Launch of the Radio London Club, Kenny Everett's Easter Extravaganza
Page Seventeen: Breakfast with Kenny and Cash, TW at The Beat Scene Club, The Lord's Taveners Charity Album, Four Big L DJs and a Live Band for Five Bob!
Page Eighteen: Dave Cash voiced a Swissair promotional film, Martin Thompson enjoyed a memorable Marquee afternoon with the Radio London Club, Mark Roman comments on a strange advert

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