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The following are additions to the original story of the Galaxy's sad demise

Hans Knot adds an appropriate picture with a poignant PS:

I was working on a new chapter for the forthcoming Caroline book and dived a few times into the archive and found a photocopy Theo Dencker sent me in the eighties, the week after the ship was broken down at Kiel harbour. He went back to the place where he had taken the well-known photos a week before, and found the strip from the transmitter in the mud. After all these years it gives me still a thrill.

December 2004, it will be 40 years ago we got excited. I still love to think on those beautiful days.


A German newspaper clipping, depicting work commencing on the Galaxy's barnacle-encrusted hull was kindly supplied by Captain Bill Buninga's son Ron

Chris Garrod, writing in Hans's International Newsletter early in 2023, describes a failed attempt to salvage the Galaxy.

'Back in 1980 while some people were talking about bringing up the MV Mi Amigo which sank in March, a group of us from Kent, and the Midlands (Coventry), decided to rescue the Galaxy. We had negotiations with the German Company who owned the Galaxy, and they were only to pleased for us to take her off their hands. Unfortunately we didn't bargain on their legal representative, a Dr Rolf Rosenkrantz. He seemed to be very anti-American, and because the Galaxy had formerly been used by the US Navy in the Second World War, as far as he was concerned the vessel should be broken up. And he put a block in any future negotiations. So unfortunately the Galaxy could not be rescued and be brought back to England. We even had a salvage company that was willing to bring her back to England free of charge.' Photos of the Galaxy in a sorry state in Kiel are here.

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