Showing the world what real radio is all about, on 'Big L 2001'!
Clacton pier, August 4th – August 31st, 1134 kHz - 266m

"I would like Radio One to give me the feeling that Radio London gave me whilst driving along in an open-topped car, when the wind was blowing and the sun was shining and you heard somebody enjoying themselves on the radio. They really enjoyed themselves – you could hear it in their voices; they had a happy edge on their voices and you knew that they were enjoying themselves and were putting out a nice, entertaining programme. It made you feel better. Radio One doesn't make you feel better..."

Kenny Everett in 'The Dee Jay Book' published in 1969

Why, How, When!

RSL Picture Pages!

Here are two pages' worth of smiling, happy DJs and Anoraks to give you a feel for what must be one of the most memorable RSLs this century...!

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Listener Feedback with 2001 Rosko pics

Who was on - and when! First Week schedule

Who was on - and when! Second Week schedule

Who was on - and when! Third Week schedule

Who was on - and when! Fourth Week schedule

Photogallery and News of Star Guests who took part, from eight offshore stations!

Bud Ballou and Norman St John's special shows

Fantastic prizes won on Big L 2001!

Rate Card for Advertising on Radio London during the month's broadcast.

A charming memento from the 2000 RSL...