Two apparently identical autographed photos of Johnnie Walker.
Switch on brain NOW! Can you spot the difference?

(Thanks to Raoul Verolleman for the pics)


Caption Competition #1

Radio London suggestion:

Billy paid dearly for surreptitiously retuning the crystal set from 266 when, moments later, Gladys garroted both him and the dog with his own headphone cord


Caption Competition #2

Radio London suggestion:

His Missus thought Phil was the Number 1 Fan of her Christmas Speech, but he and the rest of the Buck House Posse were tuned to Kiss FM


Caroline's Dave West sends festive greetings and insists that a board game was once produced called 'How To Set Up A Pirate Radio Station', with component parts consisting of a ship, an antenna, a transmitter.....!

Although Dave's query had been on the site since 2000, we were unable to resolve this conundrum until Jun 2006, when we asked Hans Knot if one of his thousands of newsletter readers could shed light on the mystery. Hans immediately received a number of responses, including one from Mike Baron, who devised the Pop Pirate Game with Nik Oakley for Music Radio Promotions. It was launched in 1977 at the Flashback '67 convention and had sold out by Christmas of that year. The players' aim is "To buy components from the bank and run a successful station. Before putting to sea, a player must have: 1 Radio Ship, 1 Aerial Mast, 1 Transmitter, 1 Anchor, 1 Captain, 1 Crew, 3 Disc Jockeys. (These are the minimum requirements for a radio ship to be at sea, in case of emergency, radio ships may also carry 1 Spare Anchor, 1 Spare Transmitter, 1 Standby disc jockey)."

We'd still like to hear our visitors' own ideas for the rules of such a game, and what forfeits might be paid for landing on penalty squares.

Radio London suggestion:

"Kenny Everett has just performed a spectacular on-air send-up of your major religious sponsor. Lose £10,000."

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