Knees Club Founder, Mary Payne and husband Chris, President Ray Ennis, Vice-President, Bud Ballou and Club Official, Pauline Miller send greetings to patellae everywhere, hoping that you will all continue knocking together peacefully in the New Year.


Thanks you for your communications.
Best wishes for Christmas and the coming (Millennium) year and to all your associates.
Kind regards, Colin Nicol


From Victor in Gibraltar:

Gulp! Running out of anoraky photos. Will have to get scanning again. That Arch-Anorak Windsor is as ebullient as ever. There was only a brief respite until he started ID-ing again as "Your Dutch Uncle"

I hear the gay station most nights down here on 1386 KHz. The Oldie Zender can also be heard most nights on 1440 KHz from the Grand Duchy, as well as 10FM, but that suffers heavy splatter from RNE on 684 KHz. Also good ol' Radio 4 comes through, sometimes in the day on 198KHz. Good to hear "Sailing Along" as I snuggle down into my sleeping bag.

Today, I'm at Tarifa, as far south as you can get, overlooking the straits and Morocco, where it's warm and sunny too!

Wishing all at Radio London a thumping good Xmas and may your hood be filled with lots of goodies from the jolly old man in the red furry anorak!!!

Victor Hartman


Merry Christmas! And may Santa bring you a sack full of goodies..... Well just a sack, maybe? Have Fun!

Garry Williams x

From Carleton Penn III who is Rick Phillips' (aka Chuck Blair) stepson

VH-1 had a special here the other night to mark the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's death which I commend to your attention if you have not already seen it. I hope this further causes interest in your web site.

As always, best of luck and keep me posted of any information where I might be of help. Believe it or not, we are STILL unpacking boxes which I hope may contain more information about Rick to share with y'all.

Have a good holiday if I do not speak, albeit e-mail, before then. CPIII

Chuck was a huge Beatles fan and reputedly, personal friend of the group. As can be read elsewhere on the site, he was deeply affected by John Lennon's murder.

Thanks, also, to the following friends for their seasonal e-greetings:

Mark and Jayne Bloomer and all at The Lord Nelson, Norton-sub-Hamdon in Somerset, Brian and Dr John, Chris Dannatt, Kjell Dahl, Crispin Fisher, Steve 'Grocer Jack' Garlick, Pauline Halford, Jari Havia, Miles Johnston, Dave Skeates and Geoff Killick, John Wheeler, Andy Wint

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