Throughout the year 2000, the site has continued to branch out in all sorts of different directions from the way that Chris and I had originally envisioned it. Although it is called Radio London, the number of features about other offshore stations and personnel - not to mention music - keeps multiplying! The site seems to have taken on a life of its own, although we are still waiting for it to reach the stage where it will update itself without our assistance! Maintaining it is a very time-consuming hobby, however, we are always delighted when so many people tell us how much they appreciate our efforts. The Radio London site has made us friends from all over the world and, like the site itself, their numbers continue to grow.

If you are one of our new visitors, welcome! Here are a few highlights of the year 2000. If you are searching for something in particular, the A-Z on the Home Page should direct you to the right place.

Highlights of the Radio London Website Year

Early in the year, we were able to announce to the world that we had finally discovered what happened to the long-lost Chuck Blair, who had virtually vanished after Radio London closed in 1967. Sadly, we found out that Chuck had died some years ago, but the stories and photographs we have been able to unearth so far, thanks to the assistance of his stepson Carleton, have proved very intriguing. This is an ongoing saga, with many questions remaining unanswered.

April's big story was the RNI RSL from the Lightship, Mebo III, moored in Harwich.

The mega-event and resounding success this August, was the Big L 2000 RSL broadcast from Clacton. Original Big L jocks who participated were Ian 'Wombat' Damon, Keith Skues and Alan West, with special guests Bud Ballou - all the way from California and Peter Young - all the way from Ealing! The photo-galleries tell it all!

August also brought the Summer Sixties 2000 Festival to Brighton, which provided us with plenty of fun-and-flares-filled photo opportunities with stars from the decade.

Exclusive site features spotlighted Emperor Rosko, Graham Webb and Radio Scotland's Ben Healy. Raoul Verolleman has recently supplied us with a mass of new material. Featured in this Christmas Annual, our latest interview profiles Caroline's Keith Hampshire.

Chris and I would like to thank everyone for their assistance and contributions. We are flattered that ex-offshore radio people will take the time to answer our Anorak questions and seem happy to unearth their dusty memorabilia to enable us to share it with our family of viewers.

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