George Hare worked as Caroline North's on-shore agent. Perhaps as far as the DJs were concerned, his most important function was to make sure that they got paid, but the payroll was just a small part of his job and he often arranged functions and promotions for the station. Both George and Caroline were involved in the July 1966 relaunch of Liverpool's Cavern Club. In fact, Caroline was so much involved that all the promotional material for the club bore a Cavern logo in the shape of the Caroline bell. A massive publicity campaign was planned with regular Cavern programming, including a 30-minute Saturday morning show. Somewhat ironically, the club was re-opened by PM Harold Wilson – not offshore radio's biggest supporter! Who knows if the PM would have agreed to perform the ceremony had he appreciated that Caroline was involved? George, who as you can see has excellent taste in teeshirts, has very kindly allowed us to scan the press release, invitation and programme of events for the Cavern reopening.
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