Radio Caroline ship 'Ross Revenge' runs aground on Christmas Eve

In bad weather on 24th December, 1999, Radio Caroline's ship the Ross Revenge broke her moorings in the River Medway and drifted on to a sand bank.

Over the Christmas period, the ship was being looked after by Jim and Maria Ross. In gales during the evening of Christmas Eve, Jim noticed that the ship that they were moored next to was moving, the problem being that she was still tied up... The Ross Revenge drifted towards the Isle of Grain and settled gently against a sand bank. There appears to be no damage to the Ross.

The ship they were moored next to, Atlantic Horizon, radioed for assistance and two tugs, Lady Emma and Lady Magda towed the Ross to Sheerness.

Luckily the tide was low and going out, so the ship didn't drift as far she might have done.

Speaking on the Astra satellite transmission on Christmas Day, Radio Caroline chief, Peter Moore, said that the bill for the use of the tugs is considerable, not helped by the fact that it happened on Christmas Eve, and listeners' support in this respect will be greatly appreciated. He continued,"The thing with Radio Caroline, is that when we have a marine incident, it never happens during daylight on a week day – when it happens it always has to be at night in a howling gale on a public holiday. We've become used to that in the last twelve years!"

The Radio Caroline premium-rate Newsline is on 0906 7669990 and 0839 669990 but is only available in the UK.

To reassure listeners, Jim Ross affirmed, "Don't worry about the Ross, she's fine; don't worry about us, we're fine, and the dream continues."
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