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Broadcast Engineering Consultancy – Radio, Digital Audio, Television & Satellite
Radio London's engineers have over 30 years' experience in all aspects of broadcast engineering and operations.
Contact us for advice on just about anything!

Custom-Design, Installation, Modification, Rebuild, Refurbishment and Commissioning of Studios and Technical Areas
You get the idea. If you want a new area designed and installed, no problem. If you want to make use of existing equipment and integrate it with new, that's another option. Let us tailor what you've got and what you want to add, to get the best out of your equipment and facilities.

Design of Custom Interfaces between broadcast equipment, FM Transmitters, computers and playout systems
Why is it that even in the 21st century, we end up having to make one piece of hardware talk to another by means of a 'black box'? We can design our way around any problem like this – just ask!

Consultancy in broadcasting practices and standards
In the heyday of analogue audio, there was always confusion about levels, PPM4, 0VU, 0dB, 0dBu, 0dBm and if you're old enough to remember, 320nWb/m!

"Ah, but everything's digital now, so the world is perfect!" Well, no. The misunderstandings and confusions are still there, especially with combining digital and analogue environments.

Radio London has years of experience in digital and analogue audio and the problems associated with obtaining correct levels between these environments. Let us give you the reassurance that your audio is the best it can be!

CD Mastering & Audio Rescue
Radio London's engineers have been involved in CD Mastering for more years than we'd care to remember! Valuable recordings on just about any format can be rescued to CD, audio files, DAT or MiniDisc.
Off-Air Logging
Radio Authority prosecutions of broadcasters for failing to log their station's output, demonstrate the importance of complying with these regulations. Radio London can supply and install the best logging system on the market! Use it to record line feeds and 'mic snoops' too!
AM and FM Transmitter Packages for Community Radio
Get your station on-air with Radio London!


Sports Venues
LPAM (Low-Power AM) Package for Hospitals and Sports Venues
Radio London can take you through all the stages necessary to get your station on air, including supplying you with our own CE-Approved transmitter and aerial.