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Radio London's LPAM (Low-power AM) Package

For Hospital Radio: (click here for Sports Venues)

Your hospital station could be broadcasting on AM sooner than you think!

Q Why would we want to have our own transmitter?

A Many hospital radio stations are now transmitting on AM, taking advantage of a long-term licence. The advantage is that your station can be received throughout the hospital on anyone's AM radio! Your AM service can complement an existing headphone system, but patients are not reliant on headsets. A big advantage is that hospital staff can tune in too. Some hospitals have gone as far as to do away with the headphone system entirely, reducing maintenance costs considerably. In our experience, presenters also perform better when they remember that they are now broadcasting on real radio!

Q What do the patients use to tune in?

A There are suppliers of small fixed-frequency radio receivers with headphones, which are sold at a reasonable cost to hospital radio stations. These are lent to patients on admission. Remember though, that as you are transmitting on AM, patients and staff can also tune in via their own radios.

Q What about when our station is not transmitting live programmes?

A You may at present be relaying another station's output (BBC or ILR), when you're not presenting your own programmes. However, if you are broadcasting on AM, you are not permitted to do this. The solution for most AM hospital stations is to install a computer automation system which will output a mix of music and station idents to air during the times the station is not live.

Q Isn't it expensive to have a computer playout system?

A Not at all! Radio London can offer advice about computer systems too.

Q Sounds good. What's our next step?

A We would suggest that you approach your hospital's management with the idea of the station going on AM. There is no need to go into specifics about the installation – we can help you with those. Our team has many years' experience in hospital radio, so rest assured that we know what we're talking about!

Q We and our hospital would like to hear more about the package. Whom do we contact at Radio London to take this further?

A Once you have some clear ideas of what you wish to achieve with an AM output, just email us and we'll get in touch with you.

Move your mouse over the picture, and Paul will demonstrate just how compact the mast is!

Hemel Hempstead Hospital's installation:
Top – AM Audio Processor
Bottom – Transmitter

St Albans Hospital's Transmitter Site