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Off-Air Logging with the Sonifex Net-Log™

Providing an elegant solution to the age-old problem of off-air logging, the Sonifex Net-Log™ offers a secure computer environment to ensure that your station complies with the Radio Authority's regulations. With more than enough storage space for good-quality logging for the statuary 42 days, the 80GB (minimum supplied) hard disk has the capacity to record an additional Mono feed at the same quality, plus another Stereo or Dual-Mono input at broadcast quality or below. This extra capacity could be used for recording a studio output, incoming line or 'mic snoop'. Regular line feeds can be programmed into the unit, so that these can be recorded unattended.

Analogue audio is fed into the Net-Log™, and played back via a PC. This means that anyone whose computer is part of the same network as the unit can listen, save programme segments and operate the Net-Log. All facilities can be password-protected so that access can be restricted to, for instance, playback only.

The Sonifex Net-Log™ also provides facilities for manual or automatic archiving to a separate computer which could, for instance, make CD-ROMs of a station's output. At 32kHz bit-rate a day's output will fit comfortably on a 650MB CD at better quality than that of many streaming radio stations on the Internet!

Radio London has much experience with the Net-Log™, so we are well placed to advise, install and set up a stable system of off-air logging for you. No more forgetting to change the VHS or accidentally recording over yesterday's tape!

You can read more about the Sonifex Net-Log™ on Sonifex's website here,
and you can download the PDF-format brochure here.