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  Mastering, Remastering and Rescuing!

CD Mastering
Attention recording artists! Radio London can master your next CD to Red Book standard. This means you can give the result to a CD-pressing plant and rest assured that listeners will hear your efforts in the best quality possible.

Let us get the best from your mixdown, or if you prefer, we can master from multi-track – with your musical input, of course!

Vinyl to CD – Commercial Remastering
We make no bones about the quality that we can achieve from our studio when remastering vinyl. Our turntable is an EMT 938 with a Stanton cartridge. Along with that pedigree and specially-modified state-of-the art electronics taking care of the audio, every last drop of sound comes off the disc. By the way, we don't use electronic noise-reduction as it affects the sound too much. We prefer to take out clicks and crackles by hand, using digital editing on one of our Macs. It's a bit like restoring an old master, and so it should be!

Tape Rescue
Discovered a reel-to-reel tape in your loft? Radio London can help rescue it. As time goes by (to quote the song), recordings on magnetic tape deteriorate. The coating, along with the binder compound that holds the tape together, become unstable, clog the playback heads and get deposited all over the tape machine. Either the tape refuses to play or the sound quality reminds you of your first radio! Now you're in trouble. Your precious recording is lost.

Don't panic! With careful handling and editing, it is possible to rescue such tapes. We should know, we've been doing it for years!

If you have tapes of any vintage that need rescuing and preserving for posterity, Radio London can help.