These are some of the incriminating pictures taken at an Offshore Radio gathering that coincided with the broadcast

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How many 'originals' can you spot?!

Peter Young, Woolf Byrne, Dave Rogers, Keith Skues, Greg Bance, Colin Pattenden, Howie Castle, (Roger Cooper obscured), John Edward, Victor Hartman and Willy Walker above
Willy Walker, Keith Skues, Mary Payne and Freddie Ryder
Brian and The Doc
Pauline Miller and Woolf Byrne
Alan Field and John Edward
Per Alarud, John Baynton and Colin Lees
John Edward, Greg Bance and Woolf Byrne
Peter Herring, Kevin Reeks, John Baynton and Colin Lees
Chris Payne adds his name to a historic parchment...
Our hosts for the afternoon – Geoff, Maggie and their daughter.
Willy Walker posing for the front cover of 'Offshore Bikes' magazine. Apparently no-one else noticed...
Harley-Davidson by courtesy of Hugo and Di.

What a unique opportunity to take a picture of four Radio London originals!

John Edward, Ian Damon, Willy Walker, and kneeling, Keith Skues.

Click on the picture for a bigger version you can put on your bedroom wall, or wherever you like really...

Our thanks to everyone for making it such a memorable gathering!

All above pictures © Chris Payne 2001

Cheers! As our good friend Pauline Miller says, "It's always nice to see someone enjoying a groaning orgasm in the middle of the afternoon".

The Evil Victor Hartman (aka VH1) was chortling his evil chortle as he sent these two candid knee shots from Spain, to let us know that he's rented a small apartment in Torremollinos, where the temperature is a sickening 20C!

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