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Cruisin' the Formats with Johnnie

'Johnnie Walker – Cruisin' the Formats' is the latest book from Bob Preedy, already well-known as the author of 'Radio Caroline North – Rockin' and Rollin'' and 'Radio 270 – Life on the Oceaan Waves'. Rather than being a biography of JW, Bob's book charts Johnnie's broadcasting career in the context of radio development since the Sixties. It recalls the numerous stations that have benefited from Johnnie's on-air talents, from adopting his on-air name from a jingles package aboard Swingin' Radio England, through KSAN San Francisco, to his continuing career on Radio Two. The book is illustrated with numerous photos and memorabilia.

'Johnnie Walker – Cruisin' the Formats' is available from the Radio London store, price: £6.99 including p & p.

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Margrave Of The Marshes

The much-anticipated autobiography of short-term Radio London and extremely long-term Radio One DJ, John Peel is titled 'Margrave Of The Marshes'. Completed by members of the Ravenscroft family after John's death, the book became available from October 2005, marking the first anniversary of his untimely death. 'Margrave Of The Marshes' was chosen as the Radio 4 Book Of The Week and read in five parts .

Radio 270 'Life on the Oceaan Waves'

Yorkshire's own pirate station and its ship Oceaan ll finally hit the spotlight in Bob Preedy's 2002 book. 'Life On the Oceaan Waves'.

It tells the tale of "Fierce boardroom battles, appalling technical disasters and high-profile DJ mutinies."

Did somebody say, "Swashbuckling"?

Radio Caroline North Rockin' and Rollin'

Bob Preedy tells the story of the station aboard the Fredericia and her much-loved DJs.

Particularly interesting, is a list of Caroline North 'turntable hits', which is fascinating to compare with those on Radio London's playlist.

At the end of his history of Caroline North, Bob includes a chapter to update 'Life on the Oceaan Waves', his previous book about Radio 270 (above).The update includes confirmation of the little-known fact that former Radio London PD, Ben Toney, presented two programmes on 270, in May 1967!

(John Bennett's story of building a model of the Fredericia is here)

The Wet and Wild History of Radio Caroline 1964 to 2004

Please click on the jacket photo to read Hans Knot's introduction to his book, The Wet and Wild History of Radio Caroline 1964 – 2004, with full information on how to purchase it.
The Beat Fleet by Mike Leonard

Radio historian, Mike Leonard, tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Sixties 'pirate' radio stations the competition, rivalry, threats and even violence, as stations tried to capture a share of the lucrative commercial radio market, as well as the fight to stay on the air in the face of government action.

The Beat Fleet brings together all the events of four hectic years that changed the face of British radio forever.

Pop Went the Pirates by Keith Skues

Respectable broadcaster Keith Skues began his renegade career aboard Caroline South, before jumping ship for Radio London. Not surprisingly, he had a tale or two to tell, which eventually expanded into his mega-work, Pop Went the Pirates.

Keith currently presents his own tribute to the offshore stations, 'Pirate Radio Skues', every Monday evening on BBC Norfolk, (also available via the Internet) between 2200 and 0100.

In the Best Possible Taste – The Crazy Life of Kenny Everett by David Lister

Radio London listeners are usually big fans of the station's most famous and hilarious export, Kenny Everett.

David Lister's biography includes several chapters devoted to Ken's days with Radio London and describes his 1966 tour with the Beatles when he was phoning nightly reports to the Galaxy.

(Tribute pages to Kenny are here)

"RemembAAAARRR, RemembAAAARRR the 19th SeptembAAAARRR!"

International Talk Like A Pirate Day has become a world-wide success.

The inventors o' this sillyfest, Mark 'Cap'n Slappy' Summers
and his co-renegade, Ol' Chumbucket, have quilled a 'how-to' masterpiece called Pirattitude.
If ye be wantin'a copy (and wot self-respectin' pirate would not?) prod the picture on the left with yer hook.

John Lennon Remembered

October 9th 2005 would have been John Lennon's 65th birthday and Thursday 8th December marks 25 years since the devastating day of his assassination in New York.

John's widow and the mother of his son Sean, Yoko Ono, has compiled a book of memories of her late husband, including contributions from Mick jagger and the late Ray Charles.

John's first wife Cynthia's biography of her late husband, called simply 'John', has just been published by Hodder & Stoughton to mark the occasion. Their son Julian has written the introduction.

Click on the jacket photos for ordering info. Read extracts from Cynthia Lennon's book, where she tells of partying at the Ad Lib club with the Who and the Stones, and how she prepared an ill-fated dinner for Peter Cook and his wife.

Wirral the Squirrel's Tale

Temporarily departing from composing music, Sir Paul McCartney has written a children's book, 'High in the Clouds', with co-author Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Geoff Dunbar and published by Faber and Faber.

The hero is Wirral the Squirrel, whose woodland is destroyed by developers, plunging him into the nightmare world of Megatropolis. Wirral sets out on a quest with other animals, to find the mythical paradise of Animalia.

Click on the jacket photo for ordering info and then read Philip Ardagh's account of his first meeting with his hero Sir Paul at Abbey Road studios, and their subsequent collaboration on the story.

From Beneath The Wizard's Gown – Marc Bolan Unglittered by Tony Stringfellow

"The father of glam rock, Marc Bolan, was renowned for glitter, make-up, camp clothes and performances... He died at a time when his persona was still engulfed in the commercialisation of the pop character he had created, leaving the full enigma of his mind untold.

Much has been written about Marc Bolan the 'Glam Rock King' but little has touched on the person below the make-up. This book aims to do just that, inspired by a large selection of previously unpublished poetry of Bolan's, reflecting his earlier works in 'The Warlock of Love'.... This book aspires to look into the eyes of Marc Bolan, unglittered."

Marc Bolan appeared only briefly in the Fab 40, right at the end of Radio London's life, as a member of John's Children. His song, 'Sara, Crazy Child' was first published by the Radlon-associated Pall Mall Music. However, author Tony Stringfellow has received information that Marc, while still Marc Feldt, appeared on stage at one of the earliest Radio London Club afternoons in April or May 1965.

If anyone recalls seeing Marc at a Radio London Club afternoon, please get in touch, heading the message 'Marc Bolan' .

Tony's website is here.

'I Remember Me - the First 25 Years'

During his Sunday show on the 2002 Big L RSL in Clacton, Keith Skues interviewed Pauline Halford, who was co-authoring Frank Ifield's life story. The biography 'I Remember Me', which was expected to be published soon after the interview, is finally available. The book now extends to two volumes, with part one covering the first twenty-five years of Frank's life, 1937 – 1962.

It is a warm, humorous and very readable book, telling of Ifield family life in England and Australia, of the third son's talent for yodelling and his burning ambition to succeed as a singer.

Although Frank's biggest hits in England were prior to the offshore radio era, five of his later singles became Big L climbers or Fab 40 entries. 'I Remember Me - the First 25 Years', reveals how as early as 1961, fellow Australian Allan Crawford quietly discussed with Frank his ideas for an offshore station. Both were equally frustrated by the distinct lack of music to be heard over the airwaves in the UK. The only drawback to achieving this dream was a severe shortage of money, an obstacle which of course Allan eventually overcame to start Radio Atlanta. More about the offshore stations is covered in volume two.

Click on the book jacket to buy 'I Remember Me - the First 25 Years'.

Pauline with Frank during his 2004 visit to the UK

Standing in the Shadows of Motown by Allan Slutsky

Dr Licks, aka Allan Slutsky, wrote a book about legendary Motown Funk Brother bass-player James Jamerson, which he called 'Standing in the Shadows of Motown', the title being inspired by an article by music writer, Nelson George. The book (which comes with its own CD) became the catalyst for the making of the movie of the same name. As well as co-producing the film, Allan Slutsky played a major part in the production of the music contained in the film, and was musical director for the Funk Brothers' tour.

'Motown, the View from the Bottom', by Jack Ashford (review by Carl Dixon)

This will be of enormous interest to aficionados of the Motown sound and Northern Soul. Percussionist Jack Ashford tells how he played on hundreds of Motown and other Detroit recordings. Fans from around the globe who can identify Jack's work on the countless Sixties Philly recordings and Northern Soul records that are revered on the scene.

As far as I am concerned, the more promotion Jack's book, the movie and DVD get, the better. This has been long overdue. From my humble days at the Bailey's and Annabella's night club in Hull in the early seventies, where I first heard all these records, I would like to thank those DJ's there who introduced me to Motown and Philly. The DJ's are part of this great, great phenomenon we call Motown, and without them, who knows where we would be right now.

Jimi Hendrix: Talking (In His Own Words) by Tony Brown

Amazon review:
Jimi Hendrix is still widely revered as one of the most gifted guitarists in the history of rock. His fluency on an electric guitar was breathtaking, and he had a way with words that somehow paralleled his music. Fortunately, Jimi gave many interviews during his short life and this text contains many quotes from them.

(Photos from the 2004 Hendrix exhibition are here)

London Live by Tony Bacon : From the Yardbirds to Pink Floyd to the Sex Pistols – The Inside Story of Live Bands in the Capital's Trail-Blazing Music Clubs (Sounds of the Cities)

Although this book contains a complete Marquee database, listing all the artists who played there between 1962 and 1979, it fails to mention the Radio London Club afternoons, or indeed make the vital link between offshore radio and the London music scene.

See April 1966 Marquee listing here

The Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide

Record Collector magazine presents the collector's bible to the most sought-after UK record releases. It's a weighty tome, which is usually updated and published bi-annually and is bound by its nature to get heavier with each subsequent edition. As with any extensive valuation guide, the book is doomed both to contain errors and to be out of date by the time anyone buys it.

The reasons for high valuation of singles are diverse, as will be appreciated from reading many of our Fab 40 features. A specialist collector might favour the recordings of one particular artist, while his friend's only interest is picture discs. Some may seek Sixties psychedelia; (See Rainbow Ffolly feature) while others aim to obtain the complete output of one particular label, regardless of musical content. Major Minor, endlessly promoted on Radio Caroline, is a good example.

Prices listed can only offer a rough estimate, made at the time of publication (the 2004 edition came out in October 2002) but are invaluable for making 'dump it or sell it' decisions. But disc condition is all-important. If your old singles have been stored in the garage minus their sleeves and are mouldy and scuffed, you might as well use them as frisbees!

Pete Frame's Rock Family Trees

The family trees are fascinating and have provided invaluable information with regard to bands in the Fab 40s and who was in what line-up on what date. However, a magnifier is essential, as much of the information is hand-written and it's very, very small!

The South Coast Beat Scene – Mike Read

The title might give the impression that this is a book of merely regional appeal. However, the fact that many of the bands whose stories are told remained unknown outside of the Hove and Bognor area, soon becomes irrelevant. The south coast music scene's story of the slow shift from skiffle to psychedelia could well apply to any part of the country.

Full Radio London review here.

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