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Fab people look even better in Big L teeshirts!
Chris, Mary, Knees Club Official 381, Pauline Miller and Big L Fab 40 compiler, Fab Alan Field
Pauline attracts 'google eyes' from Colin Pattenden and Ray Phillips (Nashville Teens) and their friend and roadie, Roger Cooper (photo courtesy of Pauline)

Solicitor Stephen Chesney (known to Knees Club members as Ches-knee) with a few weighty legal tomes
(photo courtesy of Stephen)

Keith Geddes wears his tee on stage when he plays keyboards with his band Phase around the north London and Herts area
(photo courtesy of Keith)
Chris raises a glass to Big L with Knees Club Vice-President, Caroline's Bud Ballou
Two Knees Club Officials model baseball shirts

Want to join our gallery of good-lookers?

Send us a photo of you wearing your embroidered Radio London tee or sweatshirt., or 2017 Offshore 50 shirt. If you can include a picture of yourself in one of the original Big L tees from 1965, 66 or 67, as shown below, even better! It would be lovely to have a Sixties photo together with a current photo. If you have your original Big L shirt and no contemporary photo, you could still take one either wearing it, or just holding it if it's shrunk since the Magic Decade!

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The first Big L shirt went on sale in 1965, when teeshirts were a relatively new garment in the UK. There was a small 'rl' logo on the back, and the shirt was probably designed to be worn with this on the front and the large 'Big L 266' on the back. Most people chose to reverse it, as per this photo.

1966 design
(photo courtesy of Brian Long)

Guy Hamilton sports a 1967 Big L Kenny Everett design shirt, aboard the Oceaan 7
(photo courtesy of Guy)

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