Oldies Rule! The reaction to the Oldies Project
"Tired of hearing the same oldies over and over again? If so, you've come to the right place!
The Oldies Project is a collective effort by a select group of oldies collectors who have been digging deep into their archives to compile a remarkable playlist of oldies, which hopefully will bring back memories and put a smile on your face!
The stream is non-stop classic songs from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, most of which have been long forgotten or are simply ignored by radio stations and DJs worldwide."

Radio London Ltd has supported Oldies Project from the outset. We gave permission for the use of the Radio London logo, name and the Fab 40 listings, and have been instrumental in persuading ex-Big L DJs to record links and trailers to add to a great mix of music. (We didn't have to try very hard, so enthusiastic were they to be a part of broadcasting those great tunes again!)

The Fab Forties have received a huge response. One Sunday, the number of listeners logging-on managed to overwhelm the servers! The problem was rectified by the following week, and much positive feedback is being received, with people delighted to hear the Big L DJs' voices again. According to the server IP log, by late 2006, Oldies Project had approximately 1000 hits a day and listeners in 60 counties, the latest addition being the United Emirates. In November 06, 24,290 different IP addresses logged on to the stream. The average listening time is expanding each month and currently stands at nearly five hours, which just goes to show how compulsive listening it is! Who said sixties music was dead?

Like our own Radio London tribute site, this project is a spare-time labour of love. Oldies Project may be a non-profit hobby site, but the team running it has achieved a very professional sound and new tracks are regularly added to the already-extensive selection. Read an interview with the Project's team leader here.

Radio London has received so many positive comments regarding these webcasts that we have compiled some of them below. There were many more pages of them in the Oldies Project Guestbook until their site was hacked.
I want to thank you and the Oldies Project for making my Christmas wish come true again this year with the 'London Sound - Second Year' program. So many great songs: 'Wonder Boy' - Bruno, 'I Could Feel The Whole World Go Round' – Shotgun Express, 'Artificial City' – The Rothchilds... the list goes on. I would have never discovered these new favourites if it hadn't been for all of your hard work. In my opinion, 1966 is the best year in the history of music! You've made a huge impact not just on those who remember the days of Radio London, but you have opened the door to a whole new world of sixties music to fans who missed the fun the first time around. May Radio London, Oldies Project and sixties music never die! Ed Reynolds, Utah (Commenting on The Oldies Project Christmas special 2006, The London Sound - the Second Year (where between Dec 21st and 24th, every record played was a single released in 1966)
I'm not one for normally playing music in the background whilst I'm working at my PC, but I now make an exception for the Oldies Project. No natter, just great sixties music and lots of memories and flashbacks to those ground-breaking days when the UK awoke to a new era in broadcasting, which in my mind has never been bettered. Some stations have come close to reproducing those Fab 40 days but this incredible work and dedication has blown them all away. Nothing comes this close to those days of nostalgia and incredible music direct from the soul. Thank you - and as I finish writing this another great moment flashes by as a classic oozes out of the speakers - ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procol Harum – pretty amazing stuff… and the jingles? Well that’s another story… Graham, Kidderminster - ‘still rockin’ 40 years on' (Commenting on The Oldies Project Christmas special 2006)

In addition to my compliments I've written in Oldies Project guestbook on 19 October 06, I like to add the following. It's incredible and beyond believe thereat music you offer 24 hours a day. It supplies me with so much joy that must listen every day. At least for a moment to almost a whole daylong! This means I barely touch my own cd-collection for playing. What greater compliment can you get?

For me it's not only reliving the sixties but most of all DISCOVERING this great period with all those great obscure oldies. And what a quality among those songs! I was just a kid when I listened to Radio London and Radio Caroline, so I just was aware of the music what entered in the charts. But I always remember the London format, the great voice of Paul Kaye and how I heard Traffic-Paper Sun for the first time on a sunny Sunday morning somewhere at the end of April 1967. This record has become one of my alltime favourites and stayed number 1 for weeks in my personal charts during the whole Summer of Love!

The Second Year of THE LONDON SOUND is like heaven. I've tried to listen as much as possible but sadly I've missed out some parts. Great work, the professional radio makers should eat their heart out! I hope it will be repeated likewise the 1965-edtion in the future.

Keep up your great work and when I feel the need I like to contact you again in the future. Peter Sevenster, Netherlands (Commenting on The Oldies Project Christmas special 2006)

Listening to Oldies Project, your ears will encounter a song that you know you have never heard since Radio London was on the air. It may not even be one that you particularly liked, yet your brain instantly recalls the lyrics. As Dame Edna might say, "It's a spooky feeling, darlings!" Mary Payne

I'm sitting here, thoroughly enjoying the tunes being streamed (very smoothly) from the Oldies Project web site. It's a hit with me; it brings back lots of memories.... nice to hear those seldom-played oldies. Steve Young, Radio Caroline

Just a quick click to say ''allo'' and to say how much I'm enjoying listening to Oldies Project (complete with Radio London jingles) regularly on the net here in Montréal. What a wonderful radio presence while doing work in my office or studio. I can just imagine the amount of work and dedication by many enthusiasts that went into this project in order to make it all work. Félicitations to all.

What is fascinating about it is that one not only gets to hear the ''common denominator'' hits that clicked in both North America (Canada) and the UK back then but also a whole slew of songs by many artists that were hits only in the UK during the Radio London years and beyond. It's like hearing ''new oldies'', if you know what I mean. The ever-present ''Now Playing'' button keeps you informed on who and what. Génial. Marc 'Mais Oui' Denis

Marc has been spreading the good news about OP on The Southern Ontario/WNY Radio-TV Forum. The forum policy states "LIBELOUS POSTINGS AND THOSE CONTAINING MALICIOUS PERSONAL ATTACKS WILL BE REMOVED, as will posts that do not deal directly with the subject of radio, music or TV."

What a pity all forums do not adopt this responsible and professional attitude.

Oldies Project is superb, I listen regularly, the music choice is amazing and I thought I knew my sixties music (I have a good memory for useless trivia, not much else!) but I have heard many amazing rarities/US hits, some I have probably forgotten, others never heard before. I listened avidly to Big L (except when school got in the way).

I hope the site has a big following, it deserves it. Long may it continue, as nothing matches its quality. Mike Terry, Bournemouth
I have been listening to Oldies Project and WOW it is the best! Many congratulations to them. Fabulous music (tunes I had long forgotten) a marvellous mix (littered with much-loved Big L jingles) and fine quality. I have no idea how they have managed it but I have already had many hours of listening pleasure and looking forward to many, many more. It really is keeping the dream alive and I loved the Fab 40 show this morning. It was as good as turning the dial to 266 (well almost) and fancy hearing John Edward, Mark Roman, Ian Damon and even a quick hint of Kenny Everett again. Great stuff. A huge thank you to all concerned. David Skeates
Many thanks for the links to the Oldies Project which plays the best mixture of oldies I have heard for very many years. The special Big L feature today was something I am sure which must have been enjoyed by everyone who remembers the station as fondly as I do. Keith King
What a great music station Oldies Project has going. This is music we really enjoy listening to. Thanks for the lovely memories and keep them coming. Well done on a superb project. Ray and Cilla Hardy

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